Doncaster 10K

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Alison Smith reports:

So on a cold and dark Sunday morning I got in the back of a strange car in a car park at 7.00am.  Thankfully it was the correct car and Debbie, Damo and Matthew were in there already!  Diane followed closely behind me and we were off.

After a build-up of traffic approaching the racecourse we arrived 45 minutes before the start time.  Gathered numbers and split up to warm up, check in on Facebook, met up with Heidi and Kerry then a number of trips to the toilet and met up again on the start line.

9.00am came around, weather was cold but dry and sunny, and we were off.

The course started off around the town centre, Debbie, Heidi and Diane set off into the distance as everyone started their own race with their own goals.  Not much to report about Doncaster town centre on Sunday morning – plenty of marshals to guide round the twists and turns of the streets past shops opening up, pubs being cleaned and the market, apart from some slight inclines it was on the whole flat and at every mile my watch had a number 8 on it!

Doncaster 10K 2017

A photo finish!
Diane, Debbie, Damo, Matthew, Heidi and I (Alison)

We worked our way back past the racecourse and then an out and back on the main road which had a nasty little uphill to the turn which I don’t think anyone was expecting.  After the turn I spotted Damo, Heidi and Debbie coming the other way – a shout of encouragement went both ways. I could see Diane in front of me and as we left the road and entered the racecourse for the final furlongs I tried to catch her to come in together – but she pipped me to the post!  Kerry was not far behind me and we were all back in the paddock together, medals collected and times compared Debbie, Heidi and I had all achieved PBs so plenty of smiles on the photos.

Results: Damo – 40.12.5, Matthew – 44.09.7, Heidi – 49.15.8, Debbie – 49.22.2, Alison Smith – 51.11.5, Diane – 51.39.2

We all collected our medals and pork pies and went about our preparations before the trip home with plenty of chat about what’s next – Percy pud, Essar half, Liversedge half – shall I, shan’t I do a marathon etc etc?

We all agreed that it was a good race, nice varied scenery and a good fast (mostly) flat 10k with huge PB potential – another one probably on the calendar for next year. 

Race results: http://racetimingsolutions.racetecresults.com/results.aspx?CId=16269&RId=808

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