2018 Road Championships

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About the championships

The Club Road Championships for 2018 include distances from 2 miles (albeit a challenging 2 miles) up to the longest race as the Holmfirth 15. The scoring system is similar to 2017, however, all races now count (minimum of 8 must be completed to qualify).

The first Harrier in each race will receive the maximum 25 points, 2nd receives 20 points, 3rd 18, 4th 17 and so forth descending with all participants receiving a minimum of 1 point. There is a separate championship for senior men and women. The bonus races are worth an additional 10 points for every runner regardless of position.

Any local races (marked with an L) are worth double points in the championship this year. As the largest and longest standing athletics club in the area, I believe it is important to have a strong presence at the local races and want to encourage participation from all levels of the club.

Any runner completing all 4 races in the Huddersfield 5K series will receive a bonus 25 points so within the 4 weeks of July there are 125 points available.

The races marked with asterixis(*) have discounted entry for Harriers, please contact me for the relevant codes.

The full list of events is below with any confirmed dates and links to race entry/information. I intend to post updates after each race with current standings and welcome any feedback from the races to go into a race report for the website.

I’ll post links to the race websites with entry information on the club Facebook page nearer the events or when available. I hope to see plenty of people getting involved. With so many races across many disciplines, I have tried to avoid any clashes and space out the races throughout the year. Feedback on the race selection or points system is welcome! Any questions, please get in touch - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., send me a message on Facebook or have a chat at the club.

Good luck & Enjoy!

Clark Hind
Road Secretary

Championship Race calendar

The races below make up the championship for 2018: 

Bonus races

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