2017 Road Championship

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Championship Results

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The 2017 Road Championships saw 48 harriers taking part in at least one of the races; bonus points were awarded to 18 athletes and the best turnout was the Joe Percy 10K.

Congratulations to Sophie Cromwell who is the new ladies Road Champion with 135 points. The men's champion is Clark Hind with a chart topping 195 points. Well done to both.

Results of the 2017 Road Championships (xls)

For those new to the Harriers or unfamiliar with this club competition, the championship series provides all senior runners with an opportunity to compete against each other and gain points.

There is a separate male and female championship. Points are awarded based on your finishing position amongst other Harriers; 25 points are awarded to the first male and female over the line, then 20 for second place, 18 for third continuing down to 1 point - with all runners taking away a minimum of one point.

This year 16 races have been selected including a mixture of local and/or popular/highly recommended races. All races are on the road and the distances vary from 5 miles to 15 miles distance; there’s plenty of opportunity to test yourself and achieve your running goals.

Whilst you can run all of the races it’s not essential and only your best 8 performances will count. You must however run a minimum of four races which must include two short races (5 mile or 10K) and two middle/longer distance (10 mile, half marathon or 15 Mile) race to be in a position to win.

Race calendar

The races below make up the championship for 2017.

  1. 29th Jan – Meltham 10K
  2. 5th Feb – Dewsbury 10k
  3. 19th Feb – Wombwell 5 mile
  4. 19th Mar – Thirsk 10 mile
  5. 2nd Apr – Wakefield 10k
  6. 17th Apr – Ackworth Half
  7. 7th May – North Lincolnshire Half
  8. 8th June – Bronte 5 mile
  9. 14th June - Joe Percy 10k
  10. 5th July – Helen Winsor 10k
  11. 13th Aug – Askern 10
  12. 10th Sep – Vale of York Half Marathon
  13. 22nd Oct – Holmfirth 15 mile
  14. 19th Nov – Preston 10 mile
  15. TBC Nov – Barnsley 10k
  16. TBC Dec – Percy Pud 10k report

Bonus Races

If you compete in these events you will be awarded 10 bonus points in the Championship.

  1. 12th March – Club 6 mile
  2. 16th May - Club 5 mile
  3. 4th July – Club 10 mile
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