Road Championships after race 13/15

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After a great year in 2013, partipation during 2014 has lessened somewhat.  Whilst there have been some great performances and many maximum points for a number of unsuspecting athletes, of the 85 athletes who have taken part in Road Championship races this year, just two of you have run enough races to qualify.. but need to complete either one or two of the remaining races to take the title!

Richard McLeod tops the tables for the men with 104 points, requiring one medium/long runs to take the title... does he have an entry for the very popular Stockport 10 which would seal the win?  No men have completed enough races to win the road champs. For the ladies it's Helen Pettit at the top with 119 points; Helen has had some great runs this year - Helen would need to compete in the two remaining races, the Stockport 10 and Travellers 6 to take the title.

Looking towards 2015, what races would you like to see in the Road Championships?  If you have ideas, speak to your Road Secretary, John Philpott and share your ideas.

Road Championship standings after race 13/15

For further information on the races included, points etc.visit the 2014 Road Championship page.

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