Club 6

16 March 2014
By Matthew Rose

It's become a regular theme in this year's road races and for race four of the Road Championships why would it be any different? The weather - and for today it would be wind and plenty of it!

The Club 6 is a handicapped race with a staggered start allowing slower runners a head start over faster runners.

Vijaya and Martha - first out!

First off!
Martha and Vijaya

Registration opened at Neiley from 8:30am and was great to see lots of keen athletes including many who have been off the racing circuit recently and also many who had raced the previous day at the Northern Road Relays.  This year 26 ahtletes registered including two guests, Mike Hewitt and can you believe it... back on the 'grid' Sean Doyle!

Our first runners Martha McLean and Vijaya Collins set off to a rapturous applause and cheering. For Martha it was her first race at this distance and Vijaya her first race EVER; both were to have a memorable and enjoyable race.

I was strategically placed at the junction of Thurstonland Road and Marsh Hall Lane around mile one and four (on the second lap) with John McFadzean who was doing a fine job of spotting the athletes as they headed down into Thurstonland and then on the climb along Brown's Knoll after the 'roller coaster'.  It was cool but very windy especialy in exposed areas and there was very little opportunity to escape.

Lots of fresh legs passed on the first lap and onto the second, Sean Doyle (guest) was in first place; he was having a fine race and clearly benefiting from his time-out from racing. Vijaya Collins (2) was next having created an 8 second gap on Martha who was in 3rd and then Coroline Booth-Burke in 4th who had already closed the five minute lead down to just 20 seconds! 

Debbie Hall leads the pack in difficult conditions

Debbie Hall works hard against the wind as
others keep pushing from the back

Phil Senior followed next in 5th then Dinah Coggon (6), John Field (7), Andy Vaughan (8), Mike Hewitt (9), Jen Wolstenholme (10), Helen Pettit (11), Steve Hewitt (12), Julia Johnson (13), Richard Smith Snr. (14), Seton Waddington (15), Debbie Hall (16), Chris Beadle (17), Richard Mcleod (18), Paul Booth Burke (19), Keelan Serjeant (20), Ian Goulding (21), Ed James (22), Helen Berry (23), David Roberts (24), Kevin Yewlett (25) and John Philpott (26).  From here, just two miles and a very rewarding decent seperated the athletes from Club 6 glory; who would it be?

Reporting from the finish line Sean Doyle emerged first from Moor Lane for the 250 metre dash to the finish; a great run but his guest status meant he could not win on handicap.

Club 6 winners

John Field (right) wins the Club 6 with
Helen P 2nd, Phil Senior 3rd and
Chris Beadle as fastest man

The winner followed - a PB at the Road Relays the day prior and today the comeback king, John Field had a storming run finishing in a handicap time of 54:17 (45:17).

Seasoned runner Phil Senior was just 34 seconds behind in 59:51 (48:51) for 2nd place, and in 3rd place it was Helen Pettit who had a great run also on the back of great Road Relay performance just under the hour in 59:59 (43:59).

Fastest man on the day was Chris Beadle (SCR) with 1:00:15 (38:13) and the fastest lady was Helen Berry 1:01:12 (39:42).

Both Martha and Vijaya finished and were delighted with their times and the support received on the course; well done ladies!

Thank you to the marshals, timekeepers and supporters for your assistance on the day and for the runners for making it another great club race.


Name Handicap
Handicap Actual
1 John Field 00:59:17 14:00 00:45:17 12
2 Phil Senior 00:59:51 11:00 00:48:51 19
3 Helen Pettit 00:59:59 16:00 00:43:59 8
4 Dinah Coggon 01:00:06 10:30 00:49:36 20
5 Chris Beadle 01:00:13 SCR 00:38:13 1
6 Julia Johnson 01:00:15 17:00 00:43:15 6
7 Seton Waddington 01:00:35 19:00 00:41:35 4
8 Jen Wolstenholme 01:00:49 14:00 00:46:49 16
9 Andy Vaughan 01:00:56 11:00 00:49:56 21
10 Helen Berry 01:01:12 21:30 00:39:42 3 & 1st L
11 David Roberts 01:01:22 21:45 00:39:37 2
12 Ed James 01:01:53 20:00 00:41:53 5
13 Keelan Serjeant 01:02:03 18:00 00:44:03 9
14 Ian  Goulding 01:02:12 18:30 00:43:42 7
15 Paul Booth Burke 01:02:20 17:00 00:45:20 13
16 Richard Mcleod 01:02:33 18:00 00:44:33 10
17 Debbie Hall 01:02:40 16:00 00:46:40 15
18 Steve Hewitt 01:03:11 11:00 00:52:11 22
19 Coroline Booth Burke 01:03:26 05:00 00:58:26 24
20 Kevin Yewlett 01:03:57 19:00 00:44:57 11
21 Vijaya Collins 01:04:18 00:00 01:04:18 25
22 Richard Smith 01:04:38 11:00 00:53:38 23
23 John Philpott 01:05:04 17:00 00:48:04 18
24 Martha McLean 01:05:40 00:00 01:05:40 26
Guest Sean Doyle 00:58:11 11:00 00:47:11 17
Guest Mike Hewitt 01:00:23 14:00 00:46:23 14


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