Travellers 6

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15th December 2013

The Travellers 6 was the final race in the 2013 Road Championships.  On a reasonably pleasant, cool and calm morning 189 runners were on the start line including 15 from of our own.

The race starts and finishes at the Denby Dale Pie Hall and is an out and back course with a challenging uphill start and very rewarding, fast downhill finish!

My favourite race of the year!

By Kathyrn McFadzean

Harriers all ready to go!

Harriers in the Pie Hall!

I entered last year but was unable to compete and had been waiting a whole year to do this race.  My pre race build up was to drive (well I can’t drive so get my Dad to drive me) around the course the week before to look at all the hills of which there were many!!

The day before I’d done a shift at work and been on my work’s Christmas do; I’d been sensible and come Sunday morning I was all ready to go.

With the hills clearly in my mind I thought a realistic target was 11 minute miles; this would bring me home in 66 minutes.  I arrived at the registration/start which was at the Pie Hall and met all the other Harriers before doing a little jog and a few stretches. I have a tendency not to take my pre-race warm up seriously if I believe I am not going to have a good run and the nerves tend to get the better of me. 

After a short race briefing we approached the start line, bang, we were off!

Surprisingly the first mile which was all uphill went okay, I got there in about 9 minutes 30 seconds and was well chuffed.  That gave me confidence and the push I needed to raise my efforts and push even harder.  The next two miles seemed to go okay too, I hung onto a man in front wearing a Rudolf hat until eventually I caught and overtook him.  I kept getting to the mile markers in under the 10 minute miles so was well happy; I actually felt like I was racing and I was determined to get under the hour.

When I reached the three mile mark there was this huge hill all the way up to the four mile mark - it was never ending!  The only thing that kept me going was I knew my Dad was waiting at the top of the hill to cheer me on.  I kept going, one foot in front of the other, and slowly picking the hill off and all of sudden I was at the top.  At four miles I was just under 40 minutes so that was it - I was off; the hardest bit was done so now to push on downhill to the finish.

I completed the race in a time of 58 minutes and I was over the moon.  I couldn’t believe I got round in under an hour and did a little 'happy' dance.  I achieved much more than I ever thought I would on this course and I can’t wait to do it again next year; it maybe hilly but thoroughly enjoyable.  

The best part followed - a pre-Christmas drink with all the other Harriers in the Pie Hall, even if I didn’t win anything on the raffle.

I must say though about 3 am Monday morning I felt it, muscles I didn’t know existed hurt!!

Dave Turnbull was out racing for the first time since pulling out of the Frankfurt Marathon in October; Dave had a super race winning in an excellent time of 34:01, 2 minutes 44 seconds ahead of Joe Mann of Penistone FR in second place. Fiona Davies of Kingstone Runners won the ladies race in 38:26.

Dave Turnbull wins in 34:01

Dave Turnbull wins in 34:01

First home for the Holmfirth ladies was Helen Pettit who had a solid race, finishing 1st FV45 in 46:20.

The Holmfirth team of David Turnbull(1), Daniel Shaw(6) and Brandon Holroyd(18) won the men's team.

Holmfirth results: Dave Turnbull 1st 34:01, Daniel Shaw 6th 38:02, Brandon Holroyd [2nd V40 40:17], Jonathan King 42:05, Paul Fearns 42:58, Richard McLeod 45:35, Helen Pettit 1st LV45 46:20, Simon Edward 46:37, Matthew Rose 47:21, Claire Whitwam 51:23, Jane Stirling 57:18, Stuart Burdass 57:42, Katherine McFadzean 58:15, Natalie Allan 62:17, Hilary Booth 64:35

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