Netherthong 10K

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29 September 2013

Harriers working together

Holmfirth Harriers working together

The 10K is great local race known for it's challenging hills and very rewarding downhill sections. Jonny Mclean, recuperating after a brilliant season in Triathlon was the race winner – his first win in a “proper” road race!  

Jonny reports "I really enjoyed Netherthong and didn't expect to do so well.  I've been taking it very easy on the training front since London, running once a week and wasn't gonna do the race but my kids talked me into it (they go to Netherthong School and did the junior 2k race so I couldn't really say no!)"

He continues, "Conditions were pleasant for running, quite a strong chilly wind which was tough coming back to Bradshaw Road from the golf club and also down to Oldfield. I ran the whole race with Simon Courtney from Stadium Runners; nobody made a move until the turning up to the Cricketers Arms.  I felt he was struggling so I decided to 'turn the screws' and he didn't come with me.

I think I ran well because I'd not put any pressure on myself and was purely running to satisfy the wife and kids!"

Netherthong 10K jonny McLean and Bridget Croomer

Race winners:
Bridget Croomer(43:30) and Jonny McLean (37:20)

The race attracted athletes from many of the local athletic clubs including 23 Harriers (the best turnout second to Stadium runners with 24). Jonny commented "It was a great turnout from Holmfirth and it was nice to hear team mates had done well, many achieving course PB's".

First lady was Bridget Croomer from Denby Dale.

Ahead of the main 10K event was a 2K Fun Run won by Holmfirth’s Jack Marsden in 8:46; Jack was closely followed by team mate Frank Johnson in 8:50.  Oliver Doyle finished a credible 11th in 11:18 and Annie McLean 49th in 13:25.


The results for the 10K including finish position/age category for Holmfirth was as follows:

Jonny Mclean 37:2 [1]; Garreth Humphries 41:01 [8/3rd M40]; Chris Beadle 41:12 [10]; David Roberts 41:18 [11/2nd M45]; Brandon Holroyd 42:3 [17]; Jonathan King 42:59 [18]; David Drake 44:31 [21]; Paul Fearns 44:49 [23/2nd F50]; Philip Hobbs 45:43 [25]; Ian Goulding 46:02 [26]; Kevin Yewlett 47:08 [30/2nd M60]; Kirsty Henderson 47:44 [35/2nd F]; Martin Baker 47:57 [37]; Michael Coggan 48:38 [41]; Phil Senior 52:25 [57]; Neil Midgley 52:27 [58]; Sean Doyle 52:33 [60]; Andy Vaughan 52:34 [61]; Claire Whitwam 52:47 [62/2nd F50]; Jason Haigh 53:4 [68]; Simon Farrow 59:5 [83]; Hilary Booth 66:53 [94]; Richard Whale 75:34 [96]

Complete results available on the Netherthonk 10K events page.

Photographs taken on the day by Flaming Photography.

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