Road Championship 2013 – Update 23/07/2013

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The Road Championship tables has been updated following the Club 10 and now show that a fantastic 121 of you have taken part in one or more Road Championship races.  If it's too late for you get get onto the Championship ladder this year, there's always next year!  I'd really welcome your suggestions of races you'd like to be included and if there's anything I can do to encourage wider participation - this is a race series for all seniors at all levels... the only thing you need is a club vest!

For the men David Roberts continues to hold the top spot - following a great run at the Club 10 and earning 22 points David has amassed 154 points so far; Brandon Holroyd hangs onto second place with 120 points and Matthew Rose moves up a place into third with 114 points.

For the ladies and despite a spell of injury, Nicola Brown has moved back into first place with a whopping 184 points.  Helen Pettit is placed second with 171 points and previous winner Hilary Booth rises into a top three position with 120 points.

Full results can be seen here: Road Championships following Club 10 (XLS) or Road Championships following Club 10 (PDF).

The next race is another medium, the Askern 10 on 11 August.

Further information is available on the 2013 Road Championship page

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