Wakefield 10K - 14th April 2013


Wakefield Hospice Wakefield 10K 2013 - Sunday 14th April 2013

Cheryl Laird reports ………
A bright, blustery, Sunday morning. 6.30am. Not my usual rising time at the weekend I have to admit. Nor during the week come to think of it. I was on my way to meet Rowan Eastwood who had kindly offered to drive us to Thornes Park to take part in the Wakefield 10K. 
The last race I had taken part in was Huddersfield 10K. I was disappointed with the result, however hand on heart knew the work hadn’t been put in beforehand. Almost one minute and 30 seconds slower than last year! This time was going to be different. I’d heard it was a flattish course and a good opportunity to obtain a personal best.
Having not taken part in many races and not being the fastest runner around, races can be a daunting experience. My view on it is that I am competing against myself to obtain a better time at each race (since there is never any hope of winning!). There are generally people of all abilities competing and one piece of advice I would offer to those new to racing is choose a distance that you already cover in training and then view the race as another training run. This for me, helped with nerves. As you take part in more races, you will naturally become more competitive and it may be that you are following someone round the course whom you can’t bear to beat you. This feeling came as a shock to me being new to a competitive environment and never being involved in any sports throughout my life.


Rowan, Natalie Allan and I took part in the fun warm up with a mix of stretches, star jumps and shuttle runs. It certainly helped to combat nerves. On our way to the starting line the queue for the minimal portaloos was longer than ever. Another piece of advice to novice racers, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to visit the conveniences before the start off.

The set off felt fairly slow and I was eager to get going although I didn’t know what to expect having never run in such a large race. The weather felt like it was holding fairly well although continued to be a bit blustery.

The course was reasonably flat compared to parts around Holmfirth although I found the gradual incline around 4km was a bit of a gradual killer in the face of the blustery wind. My energy levels had taken a bit of a zapping around this point however they received a welcome boost when I seen the smiling faces of some of the other Harriers who had made it to the half way point of the course and were now on their way back to finish up. I knew that I had no chance of catching Helen Pettit, Nicola Brown, Matthew Rose or Claire Leaver (to name a few), but seeing them having conquered a part of the course I was struggling with certainly spurred me on to push that bit harder.

The wind picked up just as I’d conquered the half way point but this time it was to my advantage as it was pushing me down the hill whilst having a cooling effect. The way back certainly felt easier and there was even enough energy left for a sprint finish. It felt pretty fast and I was hopeful this was the first 10k under the 50 minute mark. One piece of advice I shall certainly be heading after this race is to buy a watch that helps with pacing. Alas my time was over the 50 minute mark but still a P.B so according to a friend, I have no room to complain.

I'm now training for the Great North Run in September and will be looking to get some experience under my belt before I take on this massive challenge... Wish me luck!

More photos courtesy of Richard Asquith at Flaming Photography here.

Place Name Team Category Chip
36 Stefan Fields Holmfirth Harriers M45-49   (3rd) 00:38:28
70 David Roberts Holmfirth Harriers M45-49 00:40:14
74 Nigel Hill Holmfirth Harriers M60-64   (2nd) 00:40:25
83 Claire Leaver Holmfirth Harriers Female   (6th) 00:40:50
99 Jonathan King Holmfirth Harriers M40-44 00:41:54
133 Nicola Brown Holmfirth Harriers F40-44 00:43:08
135 Karen Sinkinson Holmfirth Harriers F50-54   (1st) 00:43:09
179 Helen Pettit Holmfirth Harriers F45-49 (1st) 00:44:48
217 Matthew Rose Holmfirth Harriers M40-44 00:45:48
252 Yvette Arthur Holmfirth Harriers F50-54 (3rd) 00:46:30
481 Diane Lee Holmfirth Harriers F35-39 00:51:22
546 Cheryl Laird Holmfirth Harriers Female 00:52:20
579 Ellie Smith Holmfirth   Harriers F35-39 00:54:10
666 Jane Stirling Holmfirth Harriers F40-44 00:55:19
697 Sarah Ross Holmfirth Harriers F45-49 00:56:19
773 Rowan Eastwood Holmfirth   Harriers F45-49 00:57:30
818 Leanne Field Holmfirth   Harriers Female 00:59:22
821 Natalie Allan Holmfirth   Harriers Female 00:58:52

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