2013 Road Championships

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The results of the 2013 Road Championships have been published below. 

Road Championships - 2013

The Road Championships provides all senior runners with an opportunity to compete against each other and gain points. There is a separate male and female championship and points are awarded based on your finishing position amongst other Harriers; 25 points are awarded to the first male and female over the line, then 23 for second place, 22 for third continuing down to 1 point.

This year 15 races have been selected and include many local races – history shows that these are the type of races members like so why shouldn’t you be rewarded for taking part? Whilst all of the races are on the road, the distances vary – from 5 miles to half marathon distance; there’s plenty of opportunity to test yourself and reach your running goals.

Whilst you can run all 15 races it’s not essential; you must however run a minimum of seven races (7 to count) including either a medium (9 or 10 miles) and longer distance (half marathon) race or two medium/long races to be in a position to win.

To add extra interest there will be an ‘all to count’ and a ‘local’ award for those who run all of the ‘local’ races.

Road relays

The Road Relays is for all runners of all abilities and is a great opportunity to run as a team for Holmfirth Harriers. If you compete in these events you will be awarded bonus points in the Championship.

Race calendar

The races below make up the championship for 2013. The races have been chosen to complement other running disciplines and categories, e.g. Cross Country events, Vets Grand Prix races and Relays etc.

1.   27-Jan - Meltham 10K (Local)
2.   24-Feb - Huddersfield RR 10K(Local)
3.   03-Mar - Norton 9 Mile
4.   17-Mar - Club 6 Mile
5.   14-Apr - Wakefield 10K
6.   12-May - Sheffield Half Marathon
7.   21-May - Club 5 Mile
8.   17-Jun - Joe Percy 10K (Local)
9.   03-Jul - Helen Windsor 10K
10. 16-Jul - Club 10 Mile
11. 11-Aug - Askern 10 Mile
12. 29-Sep - Netherthon 10K (Local)
13. 20-Oct - Bridlington Half Marathon
14. 17-Nov - Preston 10 Mile
15. 15-Dec - Denby Dale 6 (Local)

If you want any more information please get in contact with Matthew Rose on a club night or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., text/telephone 07707931240

Road Championship Results

Results following Travellers 6 (final) (xls)

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