2019 Road Championships

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About the championships

The road races range from 5k up to Half Marathon (13.1 miles). 1st Harrier in each race receives the maximum 25 points, 2nd receives 20 points, 3rd 18, 4th 17 and so forth descending with all participants receiving a minimum of 1 point.

There is a separate championship for senior men and women. The bonus races are worth an additional 10 points for every runner regardless of position. If you complete all the bonus races you will receive an additional 10 points.

This year all races count and there is no minimum amount of races required to qualify.

You must state your club when entering the races otherwise results will not count.

I will post race information online and on the board closer to the events. Why not try a race and see how you get on! Any questions, get in touch - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Good luck & Enjoy!

Clark Hind
Road Secretary

Championship Race calendar

The races below make up the championship for 2019: 

Bonus races

Club 6 (March), Club 5 (June), Club 10 (July), Holmfirth 15 (October)

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