Denis Stitt 2016 - results and report

Denis Stitt memorial Fell Race, Thursday 11th Aug 2016

There was a great turnout of 79 for the race, narrowly beating last year’s 72. Holmfirth with 30 runners and Penistone with 35 made up the majority of the field. Many thanks to Penistone for again making it one of their championship races.

Last year’s winner Chris Law was just beaten by Rob James from Royton, Rob proving too strong on the last climb. Katie Walshaw had a great run coming back in 5th place and breaking her own course record in the process.

Chris Law, Aaron Kettlewell and Kai Sunman, all U23, bagged the 1st team prize for Holmfirth. Katie, Helen Berry and Jordan Mullinger claiming the ladies team.

About a third of the field went away with a prize with, them given in 5 year categories and a couple in each age group. Well worth a visit if you’re not doing anything on the same Thursday next year.
Many thanks to Cartworth Moor cricket club for use of their facilities and putting on a great chilli and bar once again.


1 Rob James M Royton Rd Runners 29.19
2 Chris Law MU23 Holmfirth 29.3
3 Mike Fanning M45 Borrowdale 31.39
4 Aaron Kettlewell MU23 Holmfirth 31.48
5 Katie Walshaw F Holmfirth 32.27
6 Kai Sunman MU23 Holmfirth 32.31
7 Tim Street M Holmfirth 32.38
8 Harry Shelbourne MU23 Holmfirth 32.52
9 Philip Hewitt M Holmfirth 33.02
10 Damian Kilpin M Penistone 33.07
11 Fionn Kerry MU23 Holmfirth 33.4
12 Dan Shaw M Holmfirth 34.01
13 Dan Stewart M45 Holmfirth 34.09
14 Helen Berry F40 Holmfirth 34.3
15 Julian Rank M50 Holmfirth 36.34
16 Stephen Booth M50 U/A 36.38
17 Jordan Mullinger F Holmfirth 36.46
18 Samantha Shaw F Penistone 37.24
19 Helena Croft F Holmfirth 37.38
20 Adrian Tarasiuk M Penistone 38.02
21 Matthew Murray MU23 Calder Valley 38.43
22 Chris Beadle M45 Holmfirth 38.52
23 Rob Skelton M40 U/A 39.11
24 Martyn Goodwin M55 Penistone 39.32
25 Christpher Deacon M50 Penistone 39.44
26 Ruby Sykes FU23 Holmfirth 40.29
27 John Howsham M50 Penistone 40.29
28 Craig Noble M Holmfirth 40.4
29 Graeme Lee M Meltham 40.57
30 Matthew Coldwell M40 Penistone 41.21
31 Lizzie Deacon FU23 Holmfirth 41.28
32 David Ibbotson M60 ? 41.32
33 David Milton M45 Holmfirth 41.38
34 Debbie Hall F45 Holmfirth 41.48
35 Chris Harling M40 U/A 42.11
36 Philip Hobbs M50 Holmfirth 42.22
37 Steve Sanders M40 Penistone 42.3
38 Judy Howells F45 Wharfedale 42.38
39 Keith Holmes M60 Dark Peak 42.45
40 Peter Starkey M55 Penistone 42.57
41 Robert Robinson M55 Holmfirth 42.53
42 John Lawcock M45 Penistone 43.19
43 Laura Gill F Penistone 43.41
44 Jean Shotter F50 Holmfirth 43.53
45 Steve Frith M60 Penistone 43.53
46 Brett Barraclough M454 Penistone 43.54
47 Karen Sinkinson F55 Holmfirth 44.21
48 Paul Fryers M45 Penistone 44.31
49 Mick Whittingham M60 Penistone 44.45
50 Andrew Kerry M50 Holmfirth 44.49
51 Sean Doyle M45 Holmfirth 45.31
52 Jeff Miller M40 Meltham 45.35
53 Faye Williams f40 Penistone 45.51
54 Julie Moxon F45 Penistone 46.14
55 Sarah Walch F Penistone 46.49
56 Daniel Limb M Penistone 48.29
575 Linda Hayles F60 Calder Valley 48.36
85 Richard Smith M65 Holmfirth 48.59
9 Helen Wright F Penistone 49.01
60 Barbara Haigh F65 Penistone 49.1
61 Neil Midgely M65 Holmfirth 49.16
62 Rosalind Bedford F55 Denby Dale 49.21
63 Gillian Markham F60 Meltham 49.31
64 Stuart Woodhead M60 Penistone 49.45
65 Geoffrey Dimelow M60 Penistone 50.06
66 Nell Law F45 Penistone 50.21
67 Jill Carlton F Penistone 50.23
686 Andrea Henson F45 Penistone 50.49
9 Martyn Cartwright M70 Penistone 51.28
70 Bob Innes M65 Penistone 51.49
71 Jane Cockerton F50 Penistone 52.01
72 Raymond Brown M70 Penistone 52.42
73 Annie Lightowler F45 Penistone 53.45
74 Jude Matthews F Penistone 54.59
75 Richard Whale M60 Holmfirth 56.14
75 Teresa Wall F55 Penistone 56.22
77 Tim Cock M70 Holmfirth 56.32
78 Jane Partridge F40 Penistone 57.48
79 David Needham M65 Penistone 58.42
  Teams Men    
1 Holmfirth      
  Chris Law      
  Aaron Kettlewell      
  Kai Sunman      
2 Holmfirth      
  Tim Street      
  Harry Shelbourne      
  Philip Hewitt      
3 Penistone      
  Damian Kilpin      
  Adrian Tarasiuk      
  Martyn Goodwin      
1 Holmfirth      
  Katie Walshaw      
  Helen Berry      
  Jordan Mullinger      

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