Holme Moss Fell Race

19th July 2015

Up at 6.00am to check and print out the weather forecast I was relieved to see weather was due to clear by about 10.00am and be overcast but mainly fine for rest of the day. Looked out of the window to find torrential horizontal rain and driving wind, glad I put the big tent up for all the marshals’ gear last night, hope it’s still standing! By 9.00 am signs out on roads and Registration up and running, setting up, catering and Marshals Tent helpers all arrived, just need some entries.


At first a slow trickle then as morning goes on a steady stream of runners arrive and by 10.00am rain has mostly stopped, still windy but mild. By 10.30 we have a longish queue at Registration and kit check so I go and help out with the kit check and clear the queue quite quickly. Checked every runner this year as had someone slip through without any kit whatsoever previously. Delayed start by 15 minutes and informed HVMR team who passed on to marshals out on the course. Gave the usual safety chat and route information at the start and then 156 runners were off. Even though we were 15 minutes late 2 runners missed the start by a minute or two so in the end we had 158 starters, a record for a non-championship event. Once we were sure there were no more coming late, the sweepers set off in pursuit and it was back to the Cricket Club/Finish to await reports from marshals/HVMR team.

Helen Berry

Helen Berry finishing as
1st lady in a new record time

From the start 4 runners led the pack, Ian Mills (Pennine), Mark Ollerenshaw (Glossopdale), Tim Budd (Glossopdale) and Matthew Lalor (Barlick). By Holme Moss they were still together with 1st lady Helen Berry (Holmfirth) in 8th just 2 minutes behind with Caitlin Rice (Glossopdale) and Nicky Spinks (Dark Peak) a further 3 minutes back. 2 runners retired at Holme Moss leaving 156 to tackle the fast descent into and then climb out from Heyden Brook followed by the steady climb up to Tooleyshaw and on to Crowden via Whitelow. After Crowden come, probably, the toughest part of the race, with the climb up Bareholme, descent into Crowden Great Brook before the struggle to the foot of then ascent of Laddow Rocks. The order was still much the same for both men and women at this stage and while still a long way to run, apart from the tough climb out of Ramsden Clough at about 15 miles, the hardest parts are done. The eventual winner, Matthew Lalor made his break on this climb and by the finish had opened up a lead of almost 11/2 minutes on Tim Budd with Mark Ollerenshaw a further 3 minutes back in 3rd. Helen Berry finished 1st lady in a fantastic 6th place knocking over 7 minutes of her own record with Nicky Spinks 2nd and Caitlin Rice just 1 second behind in 3rd. Just 4 drop outs so 154 finishers, a great days racing followed by a plentiful supply of tea, sandwiches and cake. Many complimentary remarks about friendly marshals and water stations after the race.

Many thanks to the 50+ helpers, HVMRT, YW, UU, RSPB, NE, farmers, Cartworth Moor Cricket Club and the race Sponsor Brooklands Nursery.

Lots more photos on HH Flickr page at https://www.flickr.com/photos/hhac/sets and also at http://davemwalker.photography/gallery.php?mode=gallery

Position Name Club Cat Time
1 Matthew Lalor Barlick M 02:44:21
2 Tim Budd Glossopdale M 02:45:48
3 Mark Ollerenshaw Glossopdale M 02:47:44
4 Ian Mills Pennine FR M 02:50:26
5 Ed Gamble Cheshire Hill Racers V45* 02:56:44
6 (Fem 1) Helen Berry Holmfirth  FV40* 02:56:57
7 Charlie McIntosh Pudsey & Bramley  V45 02:57:27
8 Chris Jackson Glossopdale M 02:58:59
9 Kevin Doyle Kimberworth Striders V40* 02:59:42
10 Stephen Watts Pennine FR V50* 03:00:28
11 Ralph Skrimshire DPFR M 03:00:55
12 Andrew Davies Steel City Striders V45 03:01:21
13 Julian Rank Holmfirth  V50 03:01:46
14 Nathan Brickman Belper Harriers M 03:01:48
15 Robert White CVFR M 03:08:51
16 Richard Hunt DPFR V40 03:10:21
17 (Fem 2) Nicky Spinks DPFR FV45* 03:12:01
18 (Fem 3) Caitlin Rice Glossopdale F* 03:12:02
19 Jonathan Melia Rossendale V45 03:13:11
20 John Doyle Pennine FR V50 03:13:38
21 Steve Long  Tring  V50 03:15:54
22 Howard Darwin Rotherham Harriers V45 03:17:27
23 Julian Brown Macclesfield V50 03:17:35
24 Kieran Davis  Erewash M 03:17:48
25 Richard Mackie Penistone  V40 03:18:22
26 Ronnie Turner Rossendale V55* 03:18:56
27 Thornton Taylor Rossendale V55 03:19:47
28 Lee Rawson Kimberworth Striders V45 03:20:30
29 Mark Law Holmfirth  V50 03:22:28
30 Neil Weightman Erewash V50 03:23:10
31 Ian Charlesworth Penistone  V50 03:23:23
32 Ken Taylor Rossendale V65* 03:23:44
33 Matthew Seddon Pudsey & Bramley  M 03:24:16
34 Matthew Grainge Holme Pierrepoint  V40 03:24:53
35 Howard Patridge Holme Pierrepoint  V60* 03:24:54
36 Jordan Street Clowne RR M 03:25:31
37 Keith Holmes DPFR V60 03:26:37
38 Steve Crossman Glossopdale V45 03:28:47
39 David Nevill unattached M 03:29:20
40 Michael Timm Steel City Striders V45 03:30:06
41 Tim Rippon DPFR V50 03:30:52
42 Robin Jeffries Mow Cop V45 03:31:35
43 Ian Rawson Kimberworth Striders V45 03:32:38
44 Andy Buck Steel City Striders V55 03:33:45
45 Tim Hargreaves Stockport V55 03:34:07
46 Chris Jordan Belper Harriers V40 03:34:52
47 Oliver Cook Long Eaton RC V45 03:35:13
48 Tim Raffle Altrincham V50 03:35:33
49 Andrew Reid Porter Valley M 03:36:11
50 Colin Earl Kimberworth Striders V50 03:36:36
51 Tom Pape unattached M 03:37:58
52 Joel Siddall North Derbyshire M 03:38:01
53 Jerome McAllister unattached V40 03:38:07
54 David Pickering Retford V45 03:38:14
55 (Fem 4) Joanne Worboys-Hodgson Denby Dale FV40 03:38:25
56 Paul Skuse Glossopdale M 03:39:08
57 Barry Blyth Macclesfield V65 03:39:31
58 Steve Adams DPFR V45 03:39:56
59 Mike Hill Wilmslow V45 03:40:30
60 Joseph Wall unattached V55 03:40:33
61 Simon Gregory Clowne RR V40 03:40:34
62 Justin Bramall unattached M 03:40:46
63 Andrew Hearle Mercia V60 03:40:56
64 Adrian Baker DPFR V50 03:41:23
65 Jonathan Hardman Cheshire Hill Racers M 03:41:29
66 David Wass Worksop V45 03:41:48
67 Sam White West End Runners M 03:41:59
68 Willy Kitchen DPFR V45 03:42:14
69 Simon Conroy DPFR V40 03:43:23
70 Michael Bourne DPFR V45 03:43:26
71 Mark Smith Kimberworth Striders V40 03:44:33
72 Phil Howson Steel City Striders V45 03:45:13
73 John Robinson Holmfirth  M 03:45:51
74 (Fem 5) Suzanne Budgett Horwich FV50* 03:46:23
75 (Fem 6) Alison Wainwright Staffordshire Moorlands FV45 03:46:31
76 (Fem 7) Jane Mellor Pennine FR FV45 03:46:59
77 Barney Crawshaw Pennine FR M 03:48:04
78 Alan Hirons North Leeds FR V45 03:48:55
79 Richard White Glossopdale V40 03:50:23
80 Craig Allen Barnsley M 03:51:01
81 (Fem 8) Zoe Barton Glossopdale F 03:51:16
82 (Fem 9) Julie O'Regan Saddleworth FV40 03:52:28
83 John Bradley  Preston Harriers M 03:53:10
84 Steve Perren Meltham V45 03:53:19
85 Ian Shuttleworth Coniston V50 03:53:38
86 Chris Charlesworth Penistone  V40 03:53:57
87 Andrew Mather unattached M 03:54:57
88 (Fem 10) Pamela Beech Hong Kong Ladies RR FV45 03:56:03
89 Kenny Turner DPFR V55 03:57:26
90 Gabriel Hutchings Ashbourne V55 03:57:55
91 Andy Taylor unattached V45 03:58:04
92 Max Howard Retford V55 03:58:07
93 Chris Horsfall Handsworth Road Hog V60 03:58:11
94 Matthew Oddy Valley Striders V50 03:58:29
95 Stephen Clarke Steel City Striders M 03:58:59
96 John Spencer DPFR V50 03:59:27
97 Trevor Longman Macclesfield V60 03:59:44
98 (Fem 11) Fiona Fullwood DPFR F 04:00:24
99 Randolph Haggerty Kirkstall Harriers V45 04:00:31
100 David Fould Mercia V60 04:00:54
101 Glyn Sawford Holme Pierrepoint  V55 04:01:32
102 Paul Booth-Burke Holmfirth  V45 04:01:48
103 Ian Barnes  Rossendale V50 04:01:50
104 Andrew Lewis Handsworth Road Hog V45 04:02:05
105 Roger Dent OMRT V50 04:02:29
106 Michael McLoughlin Preston Harriers V60 04:02:38
107 Andrew Watson Erewash V40 04:03:34
108 Sam Needham Steel City Striders M 04:03:57
109 Christopher Deacon Penistone  V50 04:05:34
110 Jeff Miller Meltham V40 04:05:37
111 Richard McKuen Sale Harriers M 04:08:22
112 Eddie Lesniak Achille Ratti V60 04:08:49
113 (Fem 12) Sian Evans Steel City Striders F 04:08:51
114 David Patrick Ashbourne V45 04:09:11
115 Alan Appleby Preston Harriers V65 04:09:48
116 John Richardson Handsworth Road Hog V45 04:13:36
117 (Fem 13) Bridgett Coomber Denby Dale FV50 04:15:20
118 Richard Bory Valley Hill Runners V60 04:15:23
119 Bill Hunter Holmfirth  V65 04:16:38
120 Neil Jones Stadium V40 04:16:45
121 Philip Barnes Pennine FR V55 04:16:54
122 (Fem 14) Tanya Haynes Saddleworth FV40 04:17:10
123 Matt Podd Otley AC V55 04:18:07
124 Andy Gray Sunlight Runners V40 04:19:05
125 (Fem 15) Julie Bembridge DPFR FV40 04:20:09
126 David Carr Activ 8 Tri V45 04:21:40
127 Phil Eddison Handsworth Road Hog V55 04:22:59
128 John Mooney Macclesfield V55 04:25:28
129 Lee Hipwell Queensbury V40 04:25:47
130 (Fem 16) Anna Smith Queensbury FV50 04:26:08
131 Bill Sheppard Long Eaton RC V60 04:28:46
132 Nick Ham Glossopdale V50 04:29:12
133 Andy Skelhorn Macclesfield V50 04:29:41
134 Julian Illingworth unattached V40 04:30:42
135 (Fem 17) Barbara Clayton Totley FV45 04:31:12
136 Mark Clayton Totley V45 04:31:15
137 Nick Harris Rossendale V65 04:31:34
138 (Fem 18) Sarah Louise Fowler Matlock AC FV45 04:34:02
139 Charles Casey Harrogate M 04:34:03
140 Dan Biggs CVFR M 04:35:31
141 Mick Fowler unattached V55 04:36:51
142 Peter Allanach Wetherby V45 04:40:14
143 (Fem 19) Sharn Waites Glossopdale FV40 04:42:14
144 Barry Dunn unattached M 04:42:15
145 Jean-Charles Cotteverte unattached V45 04:45:34
146 Darren Burns Fell Ponies V50 04:46:56
147 Richard Applewhite unattached V40 04:48:38
148 Steve Tooms Ashbourne V50 04:52:04
149 (Fem 20) Hanna Samota Strideout F 04:52:42
150 (Fem 21) Maeve Largey Smiley Paces F 04:52:56
151 Andrew Lang Meltham V45 04:55:43
152 Mark Crowe Meltham V45 04:56:40
153 Kevin Holmes Unattached V50 05:10:42
154 Colin Grime Spectrum Striders V70* 05:19:27
155 Matt Laws West End Runners M DNF
156 Paul Johnson Barnsley M DNF
157 Richard Bembridge DPFR V45 DNF
158 Richard Hopkinson DPFR V65 DNF


Teams       Points
1 Tim Budd Glossopdale 2 13
  Mark Ollerenshaw   3  
  Chris Jackson   8  
2 Ian Mills Pennine FR 4 34
  Stephen Watts   10  
  John Doyle   20  
3 Ralph Skrimshire DPFR 11 64
  Richard Hunt   16  
  Keith Holmes   37  
Female Teams      
1 Nicky Spinks DPFR 2 Points
  Fiona Fullwood   11 28
  Julie Bembridge   15  
2 Caitlin Rice Glossopdale 3  
  Zoe Barton   8 30
  Sharn Waites   19  

Full results: In XLS here

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