Denis Stitt Memorial Fell Race 2014 Results

14 August 2014

Individual results

Position Name Cat Club Time
1 Andy Swift MSEN Penistone Footpath Runners 00:30:42
2 Joe Washington MSEN Calder Valley 00:30:54
3 Mike Fanning M45 Borrowdale 00:31:23
4 Jonny McLean MSEN Holmfirth Harriers 00:32:58
5 Helen Berry F40 Holmfirth Harriers 00:33:41
6 Paul Crowther MSEN Holmfirth Harriers 00:33:47
7 Julian Rank M50 Holmfirth Harriers 00:34:31
8 Chris Beadle M40 Holmfirth Harriers 00:35:03
9 Andy Shaw M50 Holmfirth Harriers 00:35:11
10 Aaron Kettlewell MU18 Holmfirth Harriers 00:35:27
11 Mark Law M50 Holmfirth Harriers 00:35:53
12 Jim Bell M50 Dark Peak Fell Runners 00:36:12
13 Steve Sanders M40 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:36:18
14 Keith Holmes M60 Dark Peak Fell Runners 00:36:21
15 Ian Charlesworth M50 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:36:40
16 Carl Bedson M45 Glossopdale Harriers 00:37:25
17 Margaret Sykes F45 Holmfirth Harriers 00:37:34
18 Nigel Cranfield M45 Halifax Harriers 00:37:57
19 Jon Burdon MSEN Holmfirth Harriers 00:38:09
20 Matthew Murray MU18 Calder Valley 00:38:18
21 Andrew Carruthers M50 Halesowen AC 00:38:34
22 Peter Stanley M55 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:39:12
23 John Robinson MSEN Holmfirth Harriers 00:39:15
24 Steve Dickinson M50 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:39:31
25 Judy Howells F40 Wharfedale 00:39:45
26 Paul Fearns M50 Holmfirth Harriers 00:40:02
27 Blair Garrett MSEN Calder Valley 00:40:06
28 John Henderson M45 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:40:16
29 Brent Lindsey M50 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:40:33
30 Ellie Crownshaw FSEN Dark Peak Fell Runners 00:40:43
31 Graham Barnes M55 Unattached 00:40:48
32 Ian Shuttleworth M50 Holmfirth Harriers 00:41:20
33 Brian Horsley M60 Calder Valley 00:42:14
34 John Richardson M45 Handsworth Roadhogs 00:42:23
35 Lesley Latchead FSEN Penistone Footpath Runners 00:42:38
36 Stuart Woodhead M55 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:43:31
37 Craig Hall MSEN Calder Valley 00:43:40
38 Alan Knox M60 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:44:03
39 Nick Whittingham M60 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:44:13
40 Sarah Jones-Morris F40 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:44:45
41 Geoff Dimelow M60 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:45:47
42 Rachel Crossland FSEN Roberttown Road Runners 00:46:04
43 Bernice Nixon F60 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:46:16
44 Trish Mellor F55 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:46:33
45 Paul Fryers M45 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:46:41
46 Heather Atkinson FSEN Penistone Footpath Runners 00:46:48
47 David Foster M60 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:47:11
48 Bill Hunter M65 Holmfirth Harriers 00:47:40
49 Heather Parkin FSEN Penistone Footpath Runners 00:47:50
50 Bob Innes M60 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:48:02
51 Barbara Haigh F65 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:48:20
52 Richard Smith  M65 Holmfirth Harriers 00:48:38
53 Jane Cookston F50 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:50:37
54 Rob Halstead M55 Unattached 00:50:45
55 Sophie Pogorzelec FSEN Penistone Footpath Runners 00:50:56
56 Annie Lightowler F40 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:51:30
57 Roger Bradley M65 Holmfirth Harriers 00:52:46
58 Alison Smith FSEN Holmfirth Harriers 00:54:23
59 Tim Cock M70 Holmfirth Harriers 00:57:23
60 Karen Schofield F50 Penistone Footpath Runners 00:59:25

Team results


  1. 1. Holmfirth - Jonny McLean 4th, Paul Crowther 6th, Julian Rank 7th (Total 17 points).
  2. 2. Holmfirth- Chris Beadle 8th, Andy Shaw 9th, Aaron Kettlewell 10th (Total 27 points).
  3. 3. Penistone- Andy Swift 1st,  Steve Sanders 13th, Ian Charlesworth 15th (Total 29 points).


  1. 1. Holmfirth- Helen Berry 5th, Maggie Sykes 17th, Alison Smith 58th (Total 80 points).
  2. 2. Penistone- Lesley Latchead 35th, Sarah Jones-Morris 40th, Bernice Nixon 43rd (Total 118 points).

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