Calderdale Way Relay - Final Instructions

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It wouldn't be the CWR without a couple of changes in the week running up to the event! Andy Shaw is feeling his age & one of his knees, so has unfortunately had to drop out, although will run if desperate! On the plus side, Richard Anderson is now available, so will partner Alistair on Leg 2, with Gary moving up to Leg 5 for A Team & Gavin now on Leg 5 for Ale Stars.
So the teams as they stand are:
A Team
Leg 1 - Jim Durrans /Craig Boggon  mass start 8.00am
Leg 2 - Richard Anderson /Alistair Langron; est.start 9.20-9.30am
Leg 3 - Steven Eastwood /Peter Brookes  est.start 10.25-10.35am
Leg 4 - Dan Stewart /Phil Hewitt ; est.start 11.05-11.15am
Leg 5 - Gary Graham /Alistair MacGregor ; est.start 12.15-12.25pm
Leg 6 - Matthew Pierson /Dave Turnbull ; est.start 13.15-13.25pm
Ale Stars
Leg 1 - Chris Beadle /Maz Khoueiry ; mass start 8.00am
Leg 2 - Joe King/Paul Smith ; est.start 9.30-9.40am
Leg 3 - Geoff Hall /John Adair  est.start 10.40-10.50am
Leg 4 - Phil Hobbs /Jonny Sykes ; est. start 11.30-11.40am
Leg 5 - Ian Goulding /Gavin Baxter ; est.start 12.50-13.00pm
Leg 6 - Nigel Crilly /David (Costello) Roberts; est.start 13.55-14.00pm
Reserves: Andy Shaw, Jared Croft, John Robinson, Matthew Rose, John Field & Simon (Darkside) Edwards
Our team numbers, which you will need to confirm when you register, are 30 for A Team, 31 for Ladies & 32 for Ale Stars.
Please note the registration time for your leg.  I'll be taking the declaration sheets with the both team's details to Leg 1 registration.
Registration times;
Leg 1 Heath Rugby Club - 7.00-7.30
Leg 2 Hinchliffe Arms Cragg Vale - 8.00 to 9.00
Leg 3 Todmorden High School (please note this venue change for 2013) 9.00 to 10.30
Leg 4 Blackshaw Head 10.00 to 11.30
Leg 5 Wainstalls Road 11.00 to 12.30
Leg 6 Shelf Bridle Stile Road 12.00 to 13.30

Don't forget, each runner MUST carry or wear water/windproof whole body cover, plus hat, gloves, whistle, compass and relevant map. Otherwise you will not be permitted to run. If anyone is short of any kit, please let me know ASAP & we'll see what we can rustle up. 
Hopefully, you've all had or have planned a recce of your leg if needed. If anyone is still unsure, please try & get out between now & Sunday. Gary was wanting to refresh Leg 5, so if anyone fancies a trip out, please let him know ASAP. 
Here's that link to the Fellrunner forum with the maps & route descriptions. Please print one off & stick it in your bum-bag! Page 94, post 931: 
Please make sure you liaise with your partner in terms of transport etc - again, anyone not able to drive, let me know & we'll try to organise lifts. I've put mobile numbers where I've got them. Please let me have your number if it's not there or if it's wrong! The Ladies' team is:
Leg 1, Kath & Lucy Needham; Leg 2, Fran & Karen; Leg 3, Lesley Ewart & Harmonie Waterman; Leg 4, Helen & Maggie; Leg 5, Julia & Lucy Verrill & Leg 6, Jacqui & Lorraine. Their e-mails are on this message, so see what they're doing for transport & try to link in wherever possible.
 Any queries please let me know and if you find you can't run for any reason please let me know ASAP by email or ring me
Please can you reply to this e-mail, just to confirm everything is still OK and keep away from sharp objects, heavy weights & ladders until after next Sunday!
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