Summer X-Country Races 2015

10th September 2015

Under 11 Girls   1 Small 1 Large.  
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time  
Elena Inch 1m 15ss 13m 07s 11m 52s 1
Olivia Bass-Woodcock. 20s 12m 22s 12m 02s 2
Isabel Richardson 0s 12m 05s 12m 05s 3
Alex Crawshaw 2m 00s 14m 06s 12m 06s 4
Evie Hall 1m 45s 14m 00s 12m 15s 5
Alice Bridge 2m 15s 14m 03s 12m 18s 6
Sophie Brown 2m 15s 14m 39s 12m 24s 7
Seren Anderson 1m 30s 13m 57s 12m 27s 8
Under 11 Boys   1 Small 1 Large.  
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time  
Lucian Fullalove 1m 15s 11m 55s 10m 40s 1
Oliver Harrop 1m 15s 11m 58s 10m 43s 2
Calum McFarlane 1m 45s 12m 46s 11m 01s 3
Rufus Helme 1m 30s 12m 34s 11m 04s 4
Adam Brooke 2m 00s 13m 05s 11m 05s 5
Kristian Green 0s 11m 07 11m 07s 6
Charlie Brooke 2m 00s 13m 15s 11m 15s 7
Jasper Anderson 40s 12m 04s 11m 24s 8
Oscion Waterman 2m 20s 13m 51s 11m 31s 9
Henry Garritt 2m00s 13m 42s 11m 42s 10
Tom Oliver 1m 45s 13m 51s 12m 06s 11
Under 13 Girls   2 Large  
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time  
Olivia Dyson 1m 30s 19m 38s 18m 08s 1
Lydia Throssell 1m 15s 19m 33s 18m 18s 2
Anja Kukula 1m 15s 19m 38s 18m 23s 3
Ruby Yates 1m 30s 20m 11s 18m 41s 4
Mollie Scaramuzza 30s 19m 31s 19m 01s 5
Zara Tyas 0s 19m 11s 19m 11s 6
Eve Thompson 1m 15s 20m 32s 19m 17s 7
Abbie Ellis 1m 15s 20m 46s 19m 31s 8
Elphina Waterman   DNF    
Under 13 Boys   2 Large  
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time  
Brandon Kudita 45s 16m 06s 15m 21s 1
Edward Sephton 30s 16m 01s 15m 31s 2
Sam Crashaw 0s 15m 48s 15m 48s 3
Mathew  Brooke 1m 10s 17m 01s 15m 51s 4
Joseph Brooke 1m 00s 17m 05s 16m 05s 5
Chris Martin 4m 00s 20m 07s 16m 07s 6
Sam Brown 1m 15s 17m 45s 16m 30s 7
Harry Elliot 2m 45s 19m 38s 16m 53s 8
Louis Pain 3m 30s 20m 26s 16m 56s 10
Joel Sheard 2m 30s 19m 37s 17m 07s 11
Thomas James 3m 00s 20m 18s 17m 18s 12
Over 13 Girls   1 Small 2 Large  
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time  
Millie Yates 1m 30s 16m 21s 14m 51s 1
Ellie Sunman 45s 15m 43s 14m 58s 2
Annie Stone 1m 30s 16m 46s 15m 06s 3
Amy Kettlewell 1m 00s 16m 25s 15m 25s 4
Libby Shepherd 0s 15m 43s 15m 43s 5
Sunnivah Waterman 0s 15m 43s 15m 43s 6
Lizzy Deacon 45s 16m 36s 15m 51s 7
Zoe Oates 4m 00s 20m 20s 16m 20s 8
Rebecca Martin 3m 00s 19m 35s 16m 35s 9
Over 13 Boys   1 Small 2 large  
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time  
Nicky Farquhar 1m 30s 14m 15s 12m 45s 1
Finn Kerry 0s 13m 12s 13m 12s 2
Faisal Kanan 3m 00s 16m 23s 13m 23s 3
George Hobbs 2m 45s 16m 18s 13m 33s 4

Summer overall results

Under 11 GirlsGynn LaneX-Country Overall  
Alice Bridge 6m 03s 12m 18s 18m 21s  
Olivia Bass-Woodcock. 6m 32s 12m 02s 18m 34s  
Seren Anderson 6m 35s 12m 27s 19m 02s  
Under 11 Boys      
Kristian Green 5m 43s 11m 07s 16m 50s  
Charlie Brooke 5m 48s 11m 15s 17m 03s  
Jasper Anderson 5m 42s 11m 24s 17m 06s  
Tom Oliver 5m 54s 12m 06s 18m 00s  
Under 13 Girls      
Ruby Yates 12m 29s 18m 41s 31m 10s  
Under 13 Boys      
Brandon Kudita 12m 00s 15m 21s 27m 21s  
Joseph Brooke 11m 20s 16m 05s 27m 25s  
Chris Martin 12m 10s 16m 37s 28m 47s  
Over 13 Girls      
Millie Yates 17m 02s 14m 51s 31m 53s  
Rebecca Martin 17m 09s 16m 35s 33m 44s  
Zoe Oates 17m 30s 16m 20s 33m 50s  
Over 13 Boys      
George Hobbs 17m 22s 16m 18s 33m 40s  

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