Neiley Schools Cross- Country Races 2013

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Well the Neiley race series is over for another year and I believe it has been an outstanding success with 523 boys and girls competing across the 3 races representing 28 schools in the area. Thank you to all the schools for their continuing support. I think the majority of the children enjoyed the races, there were one or two pained expressions particularly on the second lap. Will we see in the future years any of these young people making headlines in the Examiner after achieving athletic success and it all started at Neiley.

The weather was very kind to us this year bearing in mind the weather we have been experiencing in the last 12 months. You have obviously looking heavenward on the days prior to the races.

These races are successful because there is a great team driving them, totally reliable and very competent, With this number of children things can go wrong if that type of team is not available.

Thanks very much for all the support you have given to me over the last 11 years. Sorry I am having to give up as race organizer but I am getting a bit old! You took my breath away when you presented me with a most beautiful engraved glass tankard at the last race, it was very much appreciated.

I should mention the two other people who have been very key to the success of the races, They are Deb and Roger Allcock who have carried out all the computer work that is required to make these races a success over the last 9 years. There is a lot of hours put into this area and the programme that has been written means that the results come out in a very readable fashion and are available very quickly.
This is vital at the last race when all the trophies have to be presented. All the detail of the work in this area has been put down on paper and a disc, Deb and Roger are also retiring this year, and many thanks to them for all the help they have given to me. By the way all the detail that I have done to organize the races will be put into an instruction document,

As you know we do not charge the children to enter the races so amongst other things sponsorship is important. My thanks this year go again to Burton Safes who supply the certificates that go to all of the children who complete the 3 races. To Kirklees who put money towards the cost of the waterproof numbers and the Examiner who provide great coverage of the races in the paper. I must also thank Dixons Ice Cream who also give a considerable contribution from their sales on the day. We also use monies taken from the sales of tea, coffee, drinks and sweets to help cover running costs of the event.

2013 was the 25th year of the races, they started way back and Sands and changed to Neiley in 2001. I wonder whether Bob Asquith who started the race series in 1989 with 42 girls and 73 boys thought it would still be going strong a quarter of a century later and attracting the number of young people it does now. I am told it is one of the largest school cross-country events in the North of England.

What is happen in 2014 and beyond ?…. Nothing has been sorted yet on who is going to lead the event but I am sure something will be organized in the not too distant future. Surely such an event which the Harriers should be very proud of cannot be allowed to disappear. I will keep you informed when more details are known. A volunteer or two are needed to come forward. Thanks again for all your support over the last eleven years I have organized the races.


Tim Cock

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