Junior Point to Point - 3 May

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Point to Point Races 2012 3rd of May
Under 11 Girls
Numb Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
283 Frances Keddie 2m 15s 8m 32s 10m 47s 1
205 Libby Sheperd 3m 20s 7m 33s 10m 53s 2
215 Georgia Draper 2m 15s 8m 39s 10m 54s 3
239 Zara Tyas 1m 30s 9m 25s 10m 55s 4
279 Olivia Dyson 40s 10m 18s 10m 58s 5
300 Francis Bridge 1m 00s 9m 58s 10m 58s 5
210 Sophie Kettlewell 1m 45s 9m 14s 10m 59s 7
289 Rebecca Marim 45s 10m 15s 11m 00s 8
290 Amy Tyler 1m 45s 9m 15s 11m 00s 8
292 Orla Cooper 1m 00s 10m 03s 11m 03s 10
270 Molly Mellor 25s 10m 49s 11m 04s 11
236 Lia Carter 2m 30s 8m 35s 11m 05s 12
204 Lucy Bland 2m 00s 9m 05s 11m 05s 12
253 Emily Travis 2m 00s 9m 06s 11m 06s 14
263 Sunnivah Waterman 3m 20s 7m 52s 11m 12s 15
291 Hannah Cooper 2m 00s 9m 13s 11m 13s 16
257 Charlotte Edwards 2m 00s 9m 14s 11m 14s 17
299 Harriet Bridge 1m 00s 10m 14s 11m 14s 17
232 Ruby Yates 1m 35s 9m 40s 11m 15s 19
217 Lucy Whitworth 1m 40s 9m 37s 11m 17s 20
233 Anna Burkinshaw 1m 45s 10m 32s 11m 17s 20
262 Elphina Waterman 1m 00s 10m 17s 11m 17s 20
256 Eve Middleton 2m 30s 8m 49s 11m 19s 23
237 Jessica Billington 1m 50s 9m 34s 11m 24s 24
280 Sophie Allen 3m 8m 24s 11m 24s 24
254 Chelsea Newsome 2m 00s 9m 27s 11m 27s 26
209 Libby Whittaker 1m 00s 10m 28s 11m 28s 27
222 Sophie Ramsden 1m  10m 31s 11m 31s 28
258 Olivia Battye 2m 45s 8m 51s 11m 36s 29
240 Eve Thompson 1m 25s 10m 16s 11m 41s 30
293 Nyah Wynn 1m 30s 10m 15s 11m 45s 31
269 Fiona Archer 1m 20s 10m 27s 11m 47s 32
260 Ellie Rose 1m 00s 10m 51s 11m 51s 33
252 Ella McFarlane 1m 00s 10m 55s 11m 55s 34
243 Olivia Fairbank 30s 11m 26s 11m 56s 35
248 Olivia Evans 1m 00s 11m 11s 12m 11s 36
207 Robin Carter 1m 00s 11m 16s 12m 16s 37
255 Charlotte Dobson 1m 00s 11m 18s 12m 18s 38
224 Jennifer Melia 2m 15s 10m 09s 12m 24s 39
221 Orla Tillett 1m 00s 11m 27s 12m 27s 40
299 Lizzy Burdon 45s 11m 44s 12m 29s 41
219 Emma Tinson 1m 00s 11m 36s 12m 36s 42
249 Abigail Hancock 1m 00s 11m 41s 12m 41s 43
208 Abby Whittaker 1m 00s 11m 44s 12m 44s 44
259 Kayla Rose 1m 00s 11m 59s 12m 59s 45
220 Niamh Tillett 2m 00s DNF DNF
Under 11 Boys
Numb Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time Pos
242 Sam Brown 0.45s 8m 56s 9m 41s 1
241 Archie Hall 0.45s 9m 00s 9m 45s 2
228 Nicky Farquhar 2m 30s 7m 28s 9m 58s 3
231 Sam Bedingfield 1m 40s 8m 18s 9m 58s 3
251 Freddie Wilkinson 2m 00s 8m 11s 10m 11s 5
286 Sean Keddie 0.45 9m 43s 10m 28s 6
225 Joel Stirling 1m 30s 8m 54s 10m 24s 7
218 Daniel Tinson 1m 30s 8m 56s 10m 26s 8
223 Ellis Melia 0.20s 10m 11s 10m 31s 9
267 Jools Riley 1m 30s 9m 22s 10m 52s 10
214 Josh Draper 2m 0s 8m 55s 10m 55s 11
266 Adam Christopher 30s 10m 33s 11m 03s 12
268 Thomas Woodhead 0s 11m 08s 11m 08s 13
296 Tristan Redfearn 45s 10m 44s 11m 29s 14
297 Charles Kennedy 15s 11m 26s 11m 41s 15
298 Gabriel Forrest 0s 11m 58s 11m 58s 16
Under 13 Girls
Numb Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time Pos
285 Erica Byram 3m 15s 13m 30s 10m 15s 1
284 Lucy Byram 3m 15s 13m 51s 10m 36s 2
294 Daisy Mae Smith 1m 50s 14m 02s 12m 12s 3
288 Olivia Sykes 3m 30s 14m 05s 10m 35s 4
201 Lily Barr 0.45s 14m 13s 13m 28s 5
298 Maeve Cooper 0.45s 14m 18s 13m 33s 6
261 Esme Wilde 1m 30s 14m 38s 13m 08s 7
212 Amy Kettlewell 1m 20s 14m 54s 13m 34s 8
202 Isobel Drake. 0.40s 15m 04s 14m 24s 9
234 Ciara Ellis 1m 20s 15m 10s 13m 50s 10
203 Caitlin Smith 1m 30s 15m 59s 14m 29s 11
213 Issy Haley-Porteous 1m 10s 16m 18s 15m 08s 12
296 Megan Wynn 1m 40s 16m 34s 14m 54s 13
Under 13 Boys
Numb Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time
250 Arthur Wilkinson 2m 40s 13m 46s 11m 06s 1
230 Andrew Farquhar 3m 0s 13m 46s 10m 46s 2
238 Lewis Batholomew 2m 0s 13m 47s 11m 47s 3
206 Shea Kerry 30s 13m 48s 13m 18s 4
216 Daniel Whitworth 0m 0s 13m 51s 13m 51s 5
295 Will Cummings 1m 30s 14m 05s 12m 35s 6
264 Serh Waterman 3m 15s 14m 07s 10m 52s 7
265 Tiras Waterman 2m 0s 15m 27s 13m 27s 8
300 Ben Millington 1m 45s 15m 55s 14m 40s 10
Numb Over 13 Girls
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time Pos
287 Ruby Sykes 50s 18m 30s 17m 40s 1
229 Lucy Farquhar 0s 18m 45s 18m 45s 2
282 Sophie Spencer 20s 19m 22s 19m 02s 3
Over 13 Boys
Numb Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time Pos
235 Daniel Ellis 0m 0s 20m 16s 20m 16s 1
227 Jordan Hutchinson 3m 30s 20m 38s 17m 08s 2
295 Eddie Hinchliffe 4m 30s 20m 40s 16m 10s 3
226 George Green 4m 0s 20m 43s 16m 43s 4
281 Lewis Byram 6m 30s 20m 45s 14m 15s 5
211 Aaron Kettlewell 5m 0s 21m 12s 16m 12s 6
297 Robert Hinchliffe 4m 20s 22m 56s 18m 36s 7



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