YVAA GP at Cleckheaton hosted by Spenborough AC

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As is usually the case, this race was blessed with bright sunny weather although with quite a cold wind. The race starts with two laps of the running track before making its way out for a short road section before the first stile that leads onto a narrow path. This stile causes a bit of a hold up so many go off as quick as they can to avoid the queue that develops. A series of narrow paths is followed by a climb on another road section and then a drop on a track to the first section on grassy fields. Another track followed by an out and back section on the Spen Valley Greenway leads onto the old golf course for another section of undulating grassy fields before the final rough track back to the running track and one last lap to the finish. 

Liz Yewlett YVAA GP Cleckheaton

Liz Yewlett nears the finish

Just 5 women and 6 men took part from Holmfirth, disappointing for a local event (Stainland had 74!) but it was good to see Helen Pettit, Liz Yewlett and Roger Bradley taking part. The Sykes’s were the top family once again being our first male and female counters and winning their respective age categories.

Thanks to Philip Bland for Photos. More at https://www.facebook.com/groups/395468263849861/


Position Race Number Name Age Category Position Time
3 11 Margaret Sykes F45 1st 36:06 
16 39 Helen Pettit F50 3rd 41:41
18 179 Jacqueline France F55 1st 42:32
23 185 Jean Shotter F55 2nd 43:37
87 467 Elizabeth Yewlett F60 6th 60:55



Position Race Number Name Age Category Position Time
6 112 Jonathan Sykes M50 1st 33:45
50 186 Andy Hauser M60 4th 39:08
65 87 Kevin Yewlett M65 3rd 40:29
76 452 Rob Kersey M65 5th 41:38
116 7 Neil Midgley M65 9th 46:55
138 612 Roger Bradley M70 5th 51:53

The slowest female in the main start ran 72.45 although two very slow runners started early and ran 85:28 and 94:06 on this roughly 5mile course. The slowest man ran 64:28. As can be seen, these races are not just for the elite runners in their age group. All standards are welcome and indeed do run. About 1/3 of the men ran slower than 9-minute mile pace and 2/3 of women did the same, 1/2 of whom, were running between 10 and 13-minute mile pace. Virtually all of our club runners could run at least this pace so are all capable of taking part in these events. Compared to an open trail or road event, where you are likely to pay £12 to £20+ for an event of similar distance, the YVAA races are an absolute bargain. Just £5 to enter, with loads of prizes, spot prizes and refreshments after the race plus a fantastic friendly atmosphere. Please come and join us next season and show that for you also, Holmfirth is not just a “leisure” club but it is worth wearing the amber vest and become part of the team.

Neil Midgley YVAA GP Cleckheaton

Neil Midgley between two Stainland runners

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