WYCC 3 at Cleckheaton, Vets Results

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Another good turnout of Holmfirth Veterans at the 3rd race in the WYCC league series at Cleckheaton. While soft underfoot the going was mostly good with little mud to slow you down, unlike the previous race at Guisley. These races are very competitive right down the field with numerous mini-battles going on to pick up a place or try not to lose a place. Those at the back are putting in just as much effort as those the front. In fact, as I get older it is a mystery how I can put so much effort in and still run so slow!


Overall Position Time Name Club Age Group Position
3 0:20:04 BERRY, Helen Holmfirth 3rd W40
8 0:20:55 LEAVER-HEWITT, Claire Holmfirth 1st W35
29 0:22:36 FARQUHAR, Katherine Holmfirth 3rd W45
55 0:24:23 EWART, Lesley Holmfirth 1st W60
124 0:35:49 SMITH, Ann Holmfirth W55


Some of ladies team WYCC race 3 Cleckheaton

Some of the women’s team after the race.
Kath, Claire, Lesley, Helen with Lizzie (U20), Ruby (SW) and Helena (SW)



Overall Position Time Name Club Age Group Position
21 0:32:10 SHARP, Stuart Holmfirth 2nd M35
48 0:34:29 SHAW, Dan Holmfirth M35
56 0:34:44 SYKES, Jonathan Holmfirth 2nd M50
82 0:36:13 STEWART, Dan Holmfirth M45
101 0:37:03 LAW, Mark Holmfirth M50
104 0:37:16 BEADLE, Chris Holmfirth M45
110 0:37:36 SHELBOURNE, Andrew Holmfirth M50
123 0:38:16 EWART, John Holmfirth 3rd M60
127 0:38:37 MCQUEEN, Damian Holmfirth M40
141 0:39:23 DEACON, Chris Holmfirth M50
150 0:40:21 COGGAN, Shaun Holmfirth M45
151 0:40:26 BARRANS, Simon Holmfirth M50
157 0:41:10 YEWLETT, Kevin Holmfirth 2nd M65
163 0:42:01 KERSEY, Robert Holmfirth 3rd M6
164 0:42:15 ROBINSON, Robert Holmfirth M60
170 0:43:09 HAIGH, Jason Holmfirth M45


some of the mens team WYCC Race 3 Cleckheaton

Some of the slower half of the men’s team after the race
Simon, Shaun, Chris B, Damien, Mark, Andrew and Chris with Louis (SM) at the back

Photos by Norman Berry
More photos at https://www.flickr.com/photos/hhac/albums/72157662822912878

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