YVAA Multi-terrain GP at Halifax

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On Wednesday August 9th a dozen Holmfirth Vets made the short trip to Halifax for the latest multi-terrain race in the 2017 series. This was the flattest race this year following the canal and river from Halifax towards Copley and back. While the first half mile is very slightly downhill, the fairly narrow path tends to prevent you going off too fast so by the time you reach the canal towpath most runners have settled into their race pace.

First home for Holmfirth, on the 6 mile course, was Mike Fanning, 3rd overall and 2nd M45 in 34:53. He was followed by 16th Jonny Sykes, 2nd M50, 36:32; 28th Brandon Holroyd, M40, 38:16; 33rd Margaret Sykes, 3rd lady, 1st F45, 38:31; 43rd Claire Leaver-Hewitt, F35, 39:23; 75th Lesley Ewart, 1st F60, 42:48; 85th Rob Kersey, 3rd M65, 43:29; 104th Kevin Yewlett, M60, 44:47; 131st Jean Shotter, 2nd F55, 47:29; 161st Neil Midgley, M65, 50:13; 182nd Richard Smith, M70, 51:56 and 185th Jane Stirling, F45, 52:59. A total of 250 runners from 27 clubs took part with the last runner finishing in 74:39. The oldest male runner was an M80 and the oldest female runner an F75.

After the race runners enjoyed free refreshments while they chatted and waited for the results and prize giving when 48 age group prizes were given out plus 10 spot prizes.

At only £5 these are great value races and the friendliest events you could find. As you can see by the times, while very competitive all through the age groups for those that like to “race” they are well within the capability of anyone that can run at say 11min mile or faster. The next race is at Horsforth on Sunday October 1st and then the last race in the 2017 series is at Cleckheaton on Sunday 12th November.


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