Success for Holmfirth Harriers Vets at the YVAA Cross Country Championships

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Although we lost several members of the team due to injuries and illnesses we still had 33 harrier Vets running on the day, which is a fantastic turnout and I think the greatest of any club, plus 6 people helping as officials. All in all a great team effort.

Holmfirth Harriers had both individual and team success at the recent YVAA Cross Country Championships at Northern Racing College, hosted by Doncaster AC.

In Race 1 (women and M70+ men)Helen Berry was 1st and 1st F40, Maggie Sykes 4th and 1st F45, Kath Farquhar 10th and 3rd F45, Lesley Ewart 3rd F60, Jean Shotter 3rd F50, Bill Wade 2nd M75 and Tim Cock 3rd M75.

In Race 2 we didn’t manage any medals but highest placed Harrier was Jonny Sykes in 10th and in Race 3 Dave Watson was 1st and 1st M45, Dan Shaw 3rd M35.

We also had great success as a team:

A special thanks go to all those runners who knew they were going to be towards the back of the field, had little or no chance of a medal but still turned out as part of the team. You are an equally important part of the team and help to make these events a success, so well done to all and I hope you enjoyed it enough to want to take part in Vets events again.

Holmfirth Results

Race 1 (5K)

Overall positionNameTimeCategoryCategory position
1st Helen Berry 20:40 F40 1st F40
4th Maggie Sykes 22:07 F45 1st F45
10th Kath Farquhar 23:08 F45 3rd F45
12th Nicola Brown 23:29 F45  
21st Simon Barrans Debbie Hall F40  
28th Lesley Ewart 24:53 F60 3rd F60
37th Val Battye 26:09 F60  
38th Rosemary Baker 26:12 F55  
43rd Jean Shotter 26:35 F50 3rd F50
55th Jo Bailey-Taylor 27:38 F45  
80th Jane Stirling 29:57 F45  
81st Lucy Smith 30:21 F35  
83rd Femi Sobo-Allen 30:31 F45  
89th Bill Wade 31:13 M75 2nd M75
90th Roger Bradley 31:23 M70  
101st Norman Berry 35:20 M70  
102nd Anne Smith 35:30 F55  
103rd Tim Cock 35:40 M75 3rd M75

Race 2 (10K)

Overall positionNameTimeCategoryCategory position
10th Jonny Sykes 36:52 M50  
20th Gary Graham 38:39 M50  
23rd Darren Hanson 39:10 M50  
29th Mark Law 39:43 M50  
42nd Simon Barrans 41:45 M50  
47th Andy Hauser 41:50 M60  
69th Rob Kersey 45:53 M65  
72nd Martin Seddon 46:51 M65  
82nd Bill Hunter 60:40 M65  

Race 3 (10K)

Overall positionNameTimeCategoryCategory position
1st Dave Watson 32:50 M45 1st M45
6th Steve Green 33:30 M45  
15th Mike Fanning 35:50 M45  
18th Dan Shaw 36:10 M35 3rd M35
32nd Chris Beadle 38:21 M45  
44th Michael Moncrieff 40:33 M40  
66th Jason Haigh 45:18 M45  

Full results can be found at www.yvaa.org

Lots of great pictures at https://www.flickr.com/photos/hhac/albums/with/72157681042563566

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