Cop Hill/YVAA Fell Race

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On the 6th November the Cop Hill FR took place from Meltham Community Sports Centre, hosted by Meltham AC. If you haven’t done this race then you should really have ago. It is on your doorstep, only £5 to enter, two laps of a hilly course but nothing worse than we do on a summer run from the club and now just over 6 miles long. There is no fell or moorland it is rather a mixture of fields, tracks and tarmac so put it in your diaries for next year.

Another excellent turnout, especially since the Mansfield CC Relays were the day before. We had 17 Harriers, 16 of whom were vets taking part.

Holmfirth Results at Cop Hill / YVAA Fell Race this morning.


Chris Beadle (above) Photos by Steve Firth

5th Tim Street 41:36; 14th Helen Berry, 1st Lady, 1st F40 and YVAA F40, 45:15; 16th Andy Shaw, 2nd M45 and YVAA M45, 45:18; 21st Gareth Humphries M45, 46:03; 24th Chris Beadle, M45, 47:35; 28th Simon Barrans 2nd YVAA M50, 48:34; 32nd Andy Hauser 2nd M60 and YVAA M60, 49:34; 39th Ian Goulding M50, 51:14; 44th Richard McLeod M45, 52:35; 45th Rob Kersey 1st M65 and YVAA M65, 52:52; 46th Debbie Hall 2nd F40 and YVAA F40, 53:25; 54th Barbara Hinchliffe 1st F60 and 1st YVAA F60, 55:02; 60th Jean Shotter 2nd F50 and 1st YVAA F50, 55:55; 65th Jason Haigh M45 57:22; 74th Neil Midgley 3rd M65 and YVAA M65, 59:30; 77th Steve Hewitt M60, 61:27 and 91st Jane Stirling F45, 67:47.

Good to see a strong turnout supporting this great little local race.

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