Liversedge Half Marathon

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Harriers Tackle Tough Local Half Marathon

On Sunday 15th February seven Vets from Holmfirth Harriers Travelled the short distance to Robberttown to tackle the very tough Liversedge Half Marathon. This excellently organised, friendly event, over a very hilly course is organised by Robberttown Runners. Rob nursing a calf injury and running his first half M since October 2011 and Helen, finding it hard to get motivated after her fantastic marathon at Chester last year and her usual “I’m not sure why I’m doing this” self were, to say the least, somewhat apprehensive on the journey over. Once there after meeting up with Nicola, collecting numbers, dropping some gear off at the baggage drop and the usual several trips to the toilet, they made their way to the start keeping a look out for other Holmfirth vests. Wil and Michael were spotted, a few words of good wishes exchanged and then the gun started the race, with about 450 runners streaming over the timing mats. Nicola started strongly quickly gaining 50m or so from Helen with Rob a short distance further back. Dan was no doubt well in front, never having been spotted and we lost track of Wil and Michael. John like Dan had not been spotted at the start so not sure how he was doing in the early stages.

After a fairly fast start the race climbs steadily up to about 4 miles followed by an undulating but net downhill section to about 7 miles before starting some tough climbs back up to the 10 mile mark. Rob, who had got ahead of Helen and Nicola started to lose places on the hills, gaining some back on the flats and any short descents but by 11miles was beginning to struggle. Fortunately the last couple of miles are fairly flat so it was just a case of plodding on to the finish. Given the difficult course, strong performances from all with 3 of the team coming away with age group prizes. First home for Holmfirth in 1:26:20 was Dan Shaw M35, followed by Rob Kersey, 1st M60 in 1:36:54 and then close behind by Nicola Brown, 2nd F40 finishing in 1:37:08. Next home was Helen Pettit 3rd F50 in 1:39:56, followed by John Davies-Riand M35 in 1:43:12; Wil Valovin M40 in 1:45:19 and Michael Hall M50 in 1:54:06.

While undoubtable hard this is a really good event, well worth supporting by members of the club.

Rob Kersey

Race photos courtesy of Adies Photography

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