Holmfirth Vets Newsletter 2

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Races Coming up February to May

A few to note: (Those in bold are organised by Holmfirth Harriers so if you can’t / don’t want to run try to help)

22nd Feb Huddersfield RR 10K

February 28 – Midgley Moor Fell Race (BS) – Booth Cricket Club, nr. Sowerby Bridge

8th March - Ian Roberts Fell Race

15th March YVAA / Spen 20

22nd March YVAA / Thirsk 10

29th March YVAA multi-terrain GP 1 from Neiley.

3rd April Salford 10K (HH Road Champs)

4th April Pendle FR (HH Fell Champs)

18th April West Nabb FR (HH Fell Champs)

6th May YVAA 5K Champs at Esholt

17th May Calderdale Way Relay

24th May Helvellyn and The Dodds (HH Fell Champs)

26th May YVAA multi-terrain GP 2 from Kirkstall Abbey

YVAA Awards

Don’t forget to let me know your race results so far this year. For 1. and 2. Below I only need details of which races you have run (for 1 include park runs). For 3 the Age Graded Award I need race, time, distance, and your age in years at time of race.

Don’t forget as an incentive to getting veteran club members out representing the club I am instigating 3 new awards for Vets. See Newsletter 1 for details of scoring. NOTE: extra race added to fell races in age graded award – Harden Moss FR (Holmfirth H organised event)

  1. 1. Veteran of the year: the veteran, of any standard, who has done their utmost to support the club by taking part in and or helping at races (road, multi-terrain, fell, T&F, CC or triathlon – these can be veteran or open events).

  2. 2. YVAA Veteran of the year: the veteran, of any standard, who has done their utmost to support the club by taking part in and or helping at YVAA events (road, multi-terrain, fell T&F and CC).

  3. 3. Male and Female Champion Vets (these will be for the best age graded multi-discipline champions): the veteran runners with the best age graded % score average for any 3 road races in Club Road Championships, Club Closed Road Races or YVAA Road Championships + any 3 of Ian Roberts, Dennis Stitt, West Nab, James Blakey (Harden Moss), Cop Hill or Holme Moss fell races + 3 YVAA multi-terrain races + 2 CC races (excluding relays) – 11 races in all.

Results So Far

  1. 1. Vet of the Year: As far as I am aware, as of 26th January, we have had 58 veteran members competing so far this year (38 men and 20 women). If you have raced in any event that is not one of the club counters or otherwise mentioned in the above award then let me know the details.

  1. 2. YVAA Vet of the Year. No races yet completed

  1. 3. Age Graded Female and Male Champs. Remember there are 11 races to be completed in the various categories to be eligible for this Award so the winners will certainly be worthy Vets Champions and of course the best scoring runners may not do enough races. But the best age graded results so far have been 80.24% by Helen Berry and 82.39% by Dave Watson. Four other women and nine men have scored over 70%.

Other runs

On the moors 240

Weekend runs continue to be hugely enjoyable and we have seen a few new faces since Christmas. The weather has not been of the tea and cakes on the lawn kind but always better when you’re out in it than what it looked like from your window, honest!

Left, a bracing 8 miles from Snoopy’ s via Nether Lane, Upper Knowle, Digley, Bilberry, Holme, Issues Road and the Pennine Way on 11th January.

John, Andrew, Steve, Helen P, Lorraine, Adrian, James, Andy with Elvis and Rob with Ghyll. Taken by Helen Standing.

Here, a run over to Blackpool Bridge in the snow on 18th January.

John, Pete, Adrian, Nigel, Richard, Lorraine, Karen, Helen P, Steve, Rob and James. Photo by Andy Brentley

Snow on the hills to blackpool bridge

Quiz Results

How well did you know your fellow Holmfirth Vets?

YVAA N1 3 1 quiz
1. Bill Wade
YVAA N1 3 2 quiz
2.Kevin Yewlett
YVAA N1 3 3 quiz
3. Phil Senior
YVAA N1 3 4 quiz
4. Lesley Ewart
YVAA N1 3 5 quiz
5. Alice Smith
YVAA N1 3 6 quiz
6. Brad
YVAA N1 3 7 quiz
7. Helen Berry
YVAA N1 3 8 quiz
8. Ian Goulding
YVAA N1 3 9 quiz
9. Kath Farquhar
YVAA N1 3 A quiz
10. Norman Berry


Recognise the view?

Where is this taken from?

 grassland 240

Do you have a favourite run or view that you are prepared to let others in on? If so send me a photo and / or map of the route with a brief description of why you like it and I’ll put it in a future issue of Vets News.

That’s all for this month, don’t forget to keep me up to date with your racing and please get involved in the two club organised events in March.

Rob Kersey

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