YVAA GP Round 7 - Knavesmire

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Harriers at the Knavesmire GP


Once again those Harriers that turned out for the latest YVAA GP had great success with some excellent runs right through the age groups. Dave and Maggie continue to dominate in the men’s and women’s events with Maggie’s 19th place overall an exceptional performance. This race, as might be expected by the venue, was virtually flat so there were no easy sections where you could coast down hill but rather it was hard work all the way.

Holmfirth Results:

1st Dave Watson, 1st M40, 31:48;

13th Jonathan Sykes, 3rd M50, 35:32;

17th John Ewart, 2nd M55, 36:00;

21st Margaret Sykes, 1st Lady, 1st F40, 36:04;

33rd Andy Hauser, M55, 38:07;

56th Rob Kersey, 1st M60, 40:22;

93rd Rosemary Baker, 2nd F50, 43:44;

101st Jean Shotter, F50, 44:23;

131st Bill Wade, M70, 47:23;

169th, Tim Cock, M70, 53:20 and

200th Den Kersey, 3rd F60, 64:22

The last race in the series is at Cleckheaton from the running track on November 11th.
Details will be on YVAA website shortly and on Vets Board at the club. If you would like to go but need / would like a lift contact Rob (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or talk to me at the club.

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