Harriers Results 22nd-28th April 2013


Holmfirth Harriers Junior Point to Point - Thursday 25th April 2013

Under 11 Girls
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
Emily Travis 55s 9m 11s 10m 06s
Millie   Stewart 1m 40s 8m 37s 10m 17s
Frances Keddy 2m 0s 8m20s 10m 20s
Jessica Billington 1m  9m 21s 10m 21s
Ruby Yates 1m 9m 25s 10m 25s
Amelie Stewart 1m 9m 27s 10m 27s
Millie Yates 1m 40s 8m 49s 10m 29s
Sophie Kettlewell 1m 9m 30s 10m 30s
Alice Shelbourne 1m 20s 9m 30s 10m 30s
Lucy Lindley 45s 9m 57s 10m 42s
Elphina Waterman 15s 10m 41s 10m 56s
Rebecca Martin 0s 10m 59s 10m 59s
Lydia Throssell 0s 11m 28s 11m 28s
Olivia Evans 1m 10s 10m 58s 12m 08s
Sanchia Edwards 30s 12m 04s 12m 34s
Imogen Harriosn 0s 12m 35s 12m 35s
Under 11 Boys
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
Jack Marsden 40s 7m 58s 8m 38s
Daniel Tinson 40s 8m 06s 8m 46s
Ben Hughes 45s 8m 14s 8m 59s
Archie Hall 55s 8m 13s 9m 08s
Ned Johnson 1m 45s 7m 37s 9m 22s
Alfie Field 20s 9m 11s 9m 31s
William Field 0s 9m 44s 9m 44s
Sean Keddie 30s 9m 15s 9m 45s
George Hobbs 1m 35s 8m 12s 9m 47s
Ben Dworsky 0s 9m 49s 9m 49s
Danny Phillips 45s 9m 10s 9m 55s
Hayden Charlsworth 0s 9m 56s 9m 56s
Tom Haley-Porteous 1m 05s 8m 57s 10m 02s
Euin Okodi 0s 10m 02s 10m 02s
Lewis Hodgson 0s 10m 04s 10m 04s
Henry Blackburn 45s 9m 29s 10m 14s
Chrisopher Marton 0s 10m 59s 10m 59s
Under 13 Girls
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
Ellie Chawner 1m 40s 13m 07s 14m 47s
Georgia Bottomley 0m 15s 14m 45s 15m 00s
Anna Charlesworth 1m 50s 13m 36s 15m 26s
Genevieve Durrans 2m 50s 12m 41s 15m 31s
Olivia Battye 2m 15s 13m 22s 15m 37s
Amy Kettlewell 1m 45s 13m 57s 15m 42s
Olivia Blackburn 0m 40s 15m 03s 15m 43s
Esme Wilde 1m 25s 14m 19s 15m 44s
Sophie Allan 3m 15s 12m 34s 15m 49s
Lia Carter 2m 30s 13m 20s 15m 50s
Libby Shepherd 3m 30s 12m 33s 16m 03
Lucy Whitworth 1m 30s 14m 35s 16m 05s
Fiona Archer 1m 30s 15m 24s 16m 54s
Shannon Conlon 2m 0s 14m 56s 16m 56s
Jennifer Melia 1m 50s 15m 08s 16m 58s
Chloe Chawner 1m 50s 15m 08s 16m 58s
Caitlin Smith 2m 0s 14m 58s 16m 58s
Arielle Conlon 2m 0s 14m 58s 16m 58s
Nicole Crossley 0m 55s 16m 20s 17m 15s
Hollie Auty 1m 0s 16m 19s 17m 19s
Evie Kirby-Geddes 1m 40s 16m 13s 17m 53s
Roisin Millett 1m 50s 16m 04s 17m 54s
Fiona Hodgson 1m 30s 16m 29s 17m 59s
Under 13 Boys
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
Nick Farquhar 3m 0s 10m 15s 13m 15s
Harry Shelbourne 2m 20s 10m 57s 13m 17s
Fionn Kerry 2m 15s 11m 26s 13m 41s
Harry Hobbs 0m 0s 13m 48s 13m 48s
Will Johnson 2m 15s 11m 42 13m 57s
Daniel Howatson 2m 10s 12m 08s 14m 18s
Craig Henderson 1m 0s 13m 23s 14m 23s
Daniel Whitworth 1m 45s 12m 41s 14m 26s
Jacob Riley 1m 30s 13m 08s 14m 38s
Adam Christopher 1m 30s 14m 34s 16 m04s
Billy Heeley 1m 50s 14m 15s 16m 05
Over 13 Girls
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
Erica Byram 3m 15s 15m 27s 18m 42s
Lucy Byram 3m 30s 15m 53s 19m 23s
Daisy Mae Smith 30s 19m 01s 19m 31s
Imogen Clowes 0s 20m 16s 20m 16s
Sophie Spencer 2m 40ss 17m 54s 20m 34s
Louise Adams 25s 22m 14s 22m 39s
Sally Davenport 0s 25m 29s 25m 29s
Charlotte Heeley 0s 25m 30s 25m 30s
Lizzi Philotlyprou 0s 25m 30s 25m 30s
Over 13 Boys
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
Michael Adams 1m 30s 15m 46s 17m 16s
Shea Kerry 0m 0s 17m 47s 17m 47s
Arron Kettlewell 3m 0s 14m 58s 17m 58s
Andrew Farquhar 2m 30s 15m 48s 18m 18s
Lewis Bartholomew 3m 20s 15m 05s 18m 25s
George Green 4m 0s 14m 33s 18m 33s
Lavell Pierre 3m 10s 15m 40s 18m 50s
Robert Smith 2m 45s 16m 26s 19m 11s
Isacc Shepherd 3m 10s 16m 40s 19m 50s
Jordan Hutchinson 2m 45s 17m 38s 20m 23s

Final Winter Standings.

Under 11 Girls
Name B.Park Xmas Point to Point
Sophie Kettlewell 11m 27s 10m 31s 10m 30s 32m 28s
Millie Yates 11m 41s 10m 32s 10m 29s 32m 42s
Ruby Yates 12m 08s 11m 38s 10m 25s 34m 11s
Under 11 Boys
Name B.Park Xmas Point to Point
George Hobbs 10m 50s 8m 43s 9m 47s 28m 20s
Jack Marsden 10m 21s 9m 34s 8m 38s 28m 33s
Alfie Field 11m 13s 8m 50s 9m 31s 29m 34s
William Field 10m 47s 9m 42s 9m 44s 30m 13s
Under 13 Girls
Name B.Park Xmas Point to Point
Amy Kettlewell 17m 10s 11m 58s 15m 42s 44m 50s
Lia Carter 16m 54s 13m 06s 15m 50s 45m 50s
Under 13 Boys
Name B.Park Xmas Point to Point
Fionn Kerry 14m 43s 12m 42s 13m 41s 41m 06s
Nick Farquhar 15m 03s 12m 55s 13m 15s 41m 13s
Daniel Howatson 14m 40s 12m 38s 14m 18s 41m 36s
Harry Shelbourne 15m 19s 13m 01s 13m 17s 41m 37s
Harry Hobbs 15m 48s 12m 32s 13m 48s 42m 08s
Over 13 Girls
Name B.Park Xmas Point to Point
Erica Byram 14m 36s 12m 18s 18m 42s 45m 36s
Lucy Byram 14m 28s 12m 11s 19m 23s 46m 02s
Daisy Mae Smith 15m 14s 11m 44s 19m 31s 46m 29s
Sophie   Spencer 14m 47s 13m 03s 20m 34s 48m 24s
Over 13 Boys
Name B.Park Xmas Point to Point
George Green 18m 29s 14m 44s 18m 33s 51m 46s
Lewis Bartholomew 19m 38s 13m 45s 18m 25s 51m 48s
Robert Smith 18m 13s 14m 38s 19m 11s 52m 02s
Andrew Farquhar 19m 27s 14m 30s 18m 18s 52m 15s
Isacc Shepherd 19m 06s 13m 49s 19m 50s 52m 45s
Shea Kerry 20m 14s 15m 00s 17m 47s 53m 01s

YVAA Grand Prix Race 2 - Neiley - Sunday 28th April 2013

1 David Watson M40 Holmfirth 37.35
10 Steven Eastwood Guest Holmfirth 43.19
11 Gary Graham M45 (3rd) Holmfirth 44.10
13 David Roberts M45 Holmfirth 44.18
14 Jonathan Sykes M50 (1st) Holmfirth 44.25
15 Stefan Fields M45 Holmfirth 44.45
24 Chris Beadle M40 Holmfirth 46.51
25 Rich McLeod M40 Holmfirth 47.14
28 David Drake M45 Holmfirth 47.48
33 Robert Robinson M55 Holmfirth 48.28
44 Kevin Yewlett M60 (3rd) Holmfirth 49.52
62 Seán Doyle M45 Holmfirth 52.57
66 Martin Seddon M60 Holmfirth 53.47
77 Chris Whitelegg M50 Holmfirth 56.11
85 Bill Hunter M65 Holmfirth 57.49
88 Steve Hewitt M55 Holmfirth 58.29
89 Ian Moore M55 Holmfirth 58.45
90 Steve White M60 Holmfirth 58.45
96 Tim Cock M70 (3rd) Holmfirth 60.26
110 Paul Winn M55 Holmfirth 64.58
1 Julia Johnson F50  Holmfirth 48.31
8 Helen Pettit F45 (3rd) Holmfirth 52.50
10 Rosemary Baker F50 (2nd) Holmfirth 54.00
25 Claire Whitwam F50 Holmfirth 59.28
40 Sophie Barraclough F45 Holmfirth 63.55
46 Rowan Eastwood F45 Holmfirth 66.47
50 Ann Smith F50 Holmfirth 71.04

Yorkshire 3 Peaks Fell Race - Saturday 27th April 2013

Pos. Name Club Cat. Elapsed
95 Craig   Boggon Holmfirth   Harriers AC MU25 03:49:26
106 John   Ewart Holmfirth   Harriers AC MV50 03:51:02
125 Helen   Berry Holmfirth   Harriers AC F 03:53:41
183 Chris   Beadle Holmfirth   Harriers AC MV40 04:04:12
262 Andy   Hauser Holmfirth   Harriers AC MV50 04:10:11
330 Philip   Hewitt Holmfirth   Harriers AC M 04:28:42
440 Alistair   MacGregor Holmfirth   Harriers AC M 04:43:37
607 Jean   Shotter Holmfirth   Harriers AC FV50 05:13:51
734 Bill   Wade Holmfirth   Harriers AC MV70 03:03:05


Wakefield Junior Triathlon - Sunday 28th April 2013

Age Group Pos. First Name Last Name Club Run Bike Run Time
Tri Start (M) 4 Soljai Waterman Holmfirth Harriers 00:01:39 00:05:19 00:00:56 00:07:55
Tristar 1 (M) 5 Sam Brown Holmfirth Harriers 00:04:48 00:08:12 00:01:47 00:14:47
Tristar 1 (F) 7 Evy -Mae Bartholomew Holmfirth Harriers 00:05:48 00:09:44 00:01:59 00:17:30
Tristar 1 (F) 8 Lucy Lindley Holmfirth Harriers 00:05:36 00:10:21 00:02:01 00:17:58
Tristar 2 (M) 2 Finn Kerry Holmfirth Harriers 00:05:50 00:12:35 00:02:35 00:21:00
Tristar 2 (M) 3 Callum Durrans Holmfirth Harriers 00:05:50 00:12:45 00:02:34 00:21:09
Tristar 2 (M) 11 Daniel Howatson Holmfirth Harriers 00:06:15 00:13:35 00:02:50 00:22:40
Tristar 2 (M) 15 George Hobbs Holmfirth Harriers 00:06:38 00:14:19 00:02:36 00:23:33
Tristar 2 (F) 1 Sunnivah Waterman Holmfirth Harriers 00:06:22 00:12:15 00:02:39 00:21:16
Tristar 2 (F) 13 Holly Bailey Taylor Holmfirth Harriers 00:06:15 00:15:43 00:08:02 00:30:00
Tristar 3 (M) 4 Nicky Farquhar Holmfirth Harriers 00:06:48 00:18:07 00:02:57 00:27:52
Tristar 3 (M) 5 Lewis Bartholomew Holmfirth Harriers 00:06:30 00:18:40 00:03:00 00:28:10
Tristar 3 (F) 2 Lucy Byram Holmfirth Harriers 00:07:10 00:18:27 00:03:03 00:28:40
Tristar 3 (F) 3 Erica Byram Holmfirth Harriers 00:06:59 00:18:41 00:03:06 00:28:46
Tristar 3 (F) 4 Libby Shepherd Holmfirth Harriers 00:07:44 00:18:53 00:03:29 00:30:06
Tristar 3 (F) 8 Emmy Bailey Taylor Holmfirth Harriers 00:09:30 00:25:02 00:04:28 00:39:00
Youth (M) 2 Isaac Shepherd Holmfirth Harriers 00:08:26 00:22:43 00:05:03 00:36:12
Youth (M) 5 Shea Kerry Holmfirth Harriers 00:09:34 00:25:46 00:05:21 00:40:41


Wooden Tops Bunny Relays - Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Results available here.....


Fleetwood 10 Mile Road Race - Sunday 28th April 2013

1 David Turnbull M Holmfirth Harriers 00.54.54
38 Lucy Verrill F (2nd) Holmfirth Harriers 01.14.13
39 Kirsty Henderson F (3rd) Holmfirth Harriers 01.14.21
51 Matthew Rose M40 Holmfirth Harriers 01.16.49

North Wales 10 Mile Road Race - Wrexham - Saturday 27th April 2013

33 Jacqui Khoueiry F40 (1st) Homfirth   Harriers 01.09.26


North Lincolnshire Half Marathon - Scunthorpe - Sunday 28th April 2013

114 Marwan Khoueiry M Homfirth Harriers 01.31.38


Greater Manchester Marathon - Sunday 28th April 2013

4314 Diane Kolat F45 Holmfirth   Harriers 04.51.29


Stretton Hills English Junior Championships - Saturday 27th April 2013

Pos. Name. Club. Cat. Time
5 Nicky   Farquhar Holmfirth   Harrers MU14 00:23:17
9 Harry   Shelbourne Holmfirth   Harrers MU14 00:24:15
22 Genevieve   Durrans Holmfirth   Harrers LU14 00:29:27
30 Daisy   Mae Smith Holmfirth   Harrers LU14 00:31:18
3 Oliver   Rees Holmfirth   Harrers MU12 00:14:13
7 Sunnivah   Waterman Holmfirth   Harrers LU12 00:15:40
18 George   Hobbs Holmfirth   Harrers MU12 00:17:14
29 Harry   Hobbs Holmfirth   Harrers MU12 00:19:30
31 Oliver   Rees Holmfirth   Harrers MU12 00:20:19
2 Lewis   Byram Holmfirth   Harrers MU16 00:32:04
9 Chris   Law Holmfirth   Harrers MU16 00:34:35
11 Seth   Waterman Holmfirth   Harrers MU16 00:35:39
12 Andrew   Farquhar Holmfirth   Harrers MU16 00:36:04
14 George   Green Holmfirth   Harrers MU16 00:36:24
21 Eddie   Hinchliffe Holmfirth   Harrers MU16 00:40:13
36 Harmonie   Waterman Holmfirth   Harrers LU16 00:47:25
7 Steven   Eastwood Holmfirth   Harrers MU18 00:56:10
11 Robert   Hinchliffe-Smith Holmfirth   Harrers MU18 01:00:50
13 Ruby   Sykes Holmfirth   Harrers LU18 01:03:33


parkrunhuddsHuddersfield parkrun - Event 110 - 27th April 2013.

Runs Name. Time Wava% Notes. Runs.
7 John   LEVICK 18.22 79.67% First Timer! 1
8 Alex ROBINSON 18.25 75.57% New   PB! 16
10 Garreth   HUMPHRIES 18.37 74.40% New   PB! 2
18 Brandon   HOLROYD 19.34 69.25% PB   stays at 00:18:40 44
20 Nigel   HILL 19.37 81.73% PB   stays at 00:19:31 17
30 Robert   ROBINSON 20.22 76.10% PB   stays at 00:20:14 16
36 Karen   SINKINSON 20.54 81.18% PB   stays at 00:20:42 5
37 Shaun   TUNSTALL 20.57 68.18% PB   stays at 00:19:49 27
43 Michael   PENNINGTON 21.56 72.32% PB   stays at 00:18:43 45
46 Sean   DOYLE 21.31 65.92% New   PB! 8
54 Andy   SMITH 21.49 68.14% PB   stays at 00:21:21 2
58 Jeffrey   PIERSON 22.14 74.06% PB   stays at 00:20:57 73
68 Simon   EDWARDS 22.55 58.25% PB   stays at 00:20:32 65
70 Anna   CHARLESWORTH 22.57 69.57% PB   stays at 00:21:41 10
93 Jo   BAILEY-TAYLOR 23.47 65.17% PB   stays at 00:23:10 2
111 Dinah   COGGON 24.19 63.26% New   PB! 13
131 Joel   STIRLING 25.11 62.67% PB   stays at 00:21:41 49
133 Jeanette   PIERSON 25.17 74.62% PB   stays at 00:24:49 63
149 Isabel   JONES 25.47 61.93% PB   stays at 00:25:11 2
231 Jane   STIRLING 28.34 54.67% PB   stays at 00:24:22 63
232 Richard   MCLEOD 28.35 48.45% PB   stays at 00:20:06 57
270 Joanna   MELIA 30.00 54.56% PB   stays at 00:29:01 44
296 Alfie   MARSH 31.34 53.91% First   Timer! 1
314 Victoria   MCKINNELL 31.56 47.39% New   PB! 7
326 John   JONES 33.05 47.71% PB   stays at 00:28:27 2
352 Hannah   LEA 35.14 48.77% First   Timer! 1
387 Rick   SOUTH 41.22 36.54% PB   stays at 00:19:08 6



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