2012 Tinker Cup Report

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Popular winner of the Tinker Cup on a wet and "Mcleod-y" day.



The festive spirit that pervades Holmfirth Harriers’ Annual Christmas Handicap race contrasted somewhat with the unusually wet and miserable conditions encountered on Saturday.  When the handicaps were revealed after the finish of the 94th running of the Club’s ‘Blue Riband’ event, traditionally held on the last Saturday before Christmas, there proved to be a very popular winner in Richard McLeod.

RegThe out-and-back course, from Honley Cricket Club to Greenfield Road in Holmfirth, reputedly crosses fifty walls and fences in the distance of some six and a half miles, and to this it owes a deserved reputation as a very tough race indeed.  The outstanding way in which these obstacles were tackled by McLeod, who has one paralysed arm, made him a true champion and hugely admired by his clubmates. 

In his three years as a member of the Club McLeod had yet to win any kind of trophy or medal, but he has already gained recognition nationally by his having been invited to join GB’s elite Paralympic triathlon training group at Loughborough next February.  After the race McLeod commented that he attributed his success to his core and all round strengthening gained through particularly circuit training in the gym.

There are also trophies for the first man and for first lady, the Ian Roberts Memorial Trophy and the Norman Haigh Trophy respectively.  Examination of these trophies indicates that many winners have repeated their success on a number of occasions, and this year’s winners were just such.   Mark Buckingham and Katie Walshaw took home with the same trophies they had come with from last year,  Buckingham having recorded his ninth victory in the space of twelve years and Walshaw five in five.  One must commiserate with Richard Anderson, another of the Club’s top runners, who completed a hat-trick in the runners-up spot!  Anderson’s recent good form in cross-country races was evident in his chasing Buckingham from start to finish, losing out by just 14 seconds, compared with a margin of 1min 43sec. in 2011.

Once again the Club is indebted to the farmers, landowners and tenants for their kind permission and cooperation in allowing the race to cross their land, their walls and their fences.  It is enormously appreciated in a club, which values its heritage especially this, its inaugural race, first run in 1908.

2012 Tinker Cup race 22 Dec 6

The course has remained substantially unchanged since its inception in 1908, although in 2002 the route was reversed, running from Honley to Holmfirth and back, instead of vice-versa. This year, however, minor changes were necessary north and south of Dean Brook Road due to new tree planting and fencing.

Hon. Life Member Martin Booth, who has just completed 52 years in membership of the Harriers, of which he was Hon. Secretary for fifteen years, presented the trophies.

The opportunity is taken to express hearty thanks to the many officials, marshals and other helpers in a variety of capacities, numbering some thirty-five in all. Without whom it would be impossible to hold this great race.


2012 Tinker Cup race 22 Dec 3Tinker Cup   1st Richard McLeod 36min.25sec. (handicap 21.30), 2nd Jason Haigh 38.23 (35.30), 3rd Jean Shotter 40.15 (27.30).

Ian Roberts Memorial Trophy: 1st Mark Buckingham 44.38, 2nd Richard Anderson 44.52, 3rd Alistair Rees 50.12.

Norman Haigh Trophy: 1st Katie Walshaw 50.18, 2nd Helen Fines 51.23, 3rd Helen Berry 54.01.

Novices prize: 1st Kevin Page 42.23 (23.30), 2nd Angus Greenwood 42.53 (17.30).

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