Club 15 - Sunday 28th October 2012

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Club 15 - Sunday 28th October 2012

On Sunday the final club road race of the the year the Club 15 took place.

Following the sad cancellation of the Holmfirth 15 to the wider running community. The race was brought together at short notice by Matthew Rose, John Ewart and a dedicated team of volunteers and helpers to pull together an event for Harriers and invited guests.

In typical autumnal conditions 12 Harriers and 2 guests took to the start line to complete 2 and a bit laps of the Neiley - Holmfirth - New Mill Loop.

Jake Richard Club 15

Richard Anderson and Jake Rowlands took out the first lap with Mark Summerville in close pursuit, By the six mile marker all 

runners had passed through in 50 minutes a good standard for a long race. As the miles passed and the rain set in, the field became more stretched out and Jake Rowlands and Dave Shepherd withdrew from the course. This left the path clear for Richard Anderson to step up and run a negative split for the 2nd lap and come home in a time of 1:31:17, 2nd place went to Mark Sommerville in an even paced 1:35:42 with Darren Hanson finishing strongly in 1:44:43. 

In the ladies race the honours fell to Helen Standing who ran well in conjunction with Lorraine Smith to arrive home in 1:51:10.

Finally in the Handicap race Lucy Verrill followed up her 2nd place in the Club 5 to win this years handicap in an adjusted time of 1:23:01. 2nd Place Rich Mcleod in 1:28:47 and in 3rd Sean Doyle with his all out from the startline effort in 1:29:28

A massive thank you to everybody involved in the race and hopefully 2013 will bring better numbers for this staple race in the club calendar.




Race Number Actual time Handicap Time Adjusted time Handicap position
397 Richard Anderson 01:31:17 00:00:00 01:31:17 7
384 Mark Summerville 01:35:42 - 01:35:42 Guest
787 Darren Hanson 01:44:43 00:11:00 01:33:43 9
318 Brandon Holroyd 01:47:07 00:16:00 01:31:07 5
783 John Philpott 01:50:59 00:20:00 01:30:59 4
779 Helen Standing 01:51:10 00:20:00 01:31:10 6
780 Lorraine Smith 01:51:10 00:19:00 01:32:10 8
388 Lucy Verrill 01:54:01 00:31:00 01:23:01 1
389 Richard McLeod 01:58:47 00:30:00 01:28:47 2
324 Sean Doyle 02:01:28 00:32:00 01:29:28 3
321 Katrin Kuusk 02:17:20 00:34:00 01:43:20 10
383 Charlie Pierre 02:17:36 - 02:17:36 Guest
317 Jake Rowlands DNF
387 Dave Shepherd DNF  


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