Parlauf Finals 2012.

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Final Tuesday 26th of June 2012 at 19:45hrs

The final of the 2012 Parlaufs was a very keenly contested affair with eleven pairs taking to the start line.

With a large number of the club having finishing training early to support the runners the final was a very exciting and noisy affair.

The race started with all teams jockeying for position with the lead changing hands numerous times in the first few minutes with the pairs of Edward Saxton & Sunnivah Waterman and Adrian Smith & Janie Fitton being very much to the front. As the race settled down however it was the pairings of Lewis Byram & Amy Tyler and Ben
Dickinson & Alex Harrower who moved ahead. The lead changed hands for several before Lewis & Amy started to forge ahead with the only hope for others was that Amy would tire. She however kept going running as strong in the last minute as the first to ensure victory for her and Lewis.Ben & Alex held onto 2nd place from the fast closing Katie Walshaw & Ben Ramsden,they were despondent at the end when they thought that Max Kaye & Kate Skidmore had overtaken them in the final second as they hadn't realised they were a lap down despite Max making up almost a lap in the last minute.This has been the most successful Parlaufs ever and all 132 athletes who started out should be proud of the effort they put in during this 10 minute gruelling relay and the 11 final pairs should be congratulated for producing an excellent final. A big thanks to all the marshals and counters, the course organiser Roger and to the person who produced the 66 pairings!

Final Results
Ben Dickinson  & Alex Harrower 2nd
Sophie Spencer & Tom Haley-Porteous 4th
Edward Saxton & Sunnivah Waterman 7th
George Green & Joey Hodgskiss 5th
Lewis Byram & Amy Tyler 1st
Adrian Smith & Jamie Fitton 11th
Max Kaye & Kate Skidmore 9th
Genevieve Durrans & Archie Hall 10th
Ciara Ellis & Lucy Byram 6th
Katie Walshaw & Ben Ramsden 3rd
Caitlin Smith  & Erica Byram 8th
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