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YVAA Road Relays

Margaret at the end of leg 2 The victorious ladies 35 – 39 team As usual the Road Relay entries trickled in to start with and then came in with a rush during the last week. In the end we had 69 teams enter but inevitably there were teams that failed to make it on the day. I think we had 54 complete teams on the day which is still a pleasing number given the other events on during the weekend.


Holmfirth managed to get out 6 teams in all which considering the clash of events over the weekend was a pretty good effort. The only categories we failed to get a team out in were the F55+ where we could have potentially had two teams out and also the M60 – 69 in which we have very few runners.


Considering none of our teams had a complete team made up of the top runners in the age category we had some excellent results and even those teams that were not up with the leaders ran well and seemed to enjoy the event.

All the teams start at the same time, the M35 – 39 and M40 – 49 running 4 legs and all the rest 3 legs of the 2.9 mile course

Ilkley Lido is a great site for the race with a wide grassy expanse for spectators to mingle and waiting runners to jog round/warm up/stretch or just collapse after your leg! Peter Shields and the team from Ilkley did a fantastic

job and everything went without a hitch. The course for those that did not run is tougher than Esholt with the first mile mostly flat followed by a long hard steady climb of approx. 1 mile, that certainly catches you out if you go off too quick (like me) and then nearly a mile down hill to the finish/change over. After the race a wonderful spread of sweet and savoury food was laid on with plentiful teas and coffees in the small pavilion at the Lido. We were blessed with warm weather so the presentation was outside and once again Peter Young produced the final results within seconds of the last runner finishing. The full results will be on the website www.yvaa.org shortly but Holmfirth results are given below.


Helen Berry, Margaret Sykes, and Jacqui Khoueiry 1 st teamF35 – 44 , Helen Berry, Margaret Sykes, and Jacqui Khoueiry 1 st team. This was a fantastic achievement if I hope they won’t mind me saying unexpected on the day. Margaret while a good replacement would be the first to admit she isn’t as fast as Kath who was on duty at the junior event that clashed with the Vets Relays and then Jacqui turned up with a broken toe having been stood on by a horse on Saturday! Not knowing whether she would get round but insisting on giving it a go she ran the last leg and still managed to run the 4 th fastest time of the day to Helen’s 3 rd fastest. Helen ran 18:58 and came in 2 nd, Margaret ran 21:41 only dropping 2 places and keeping the team in the hunt for medals and then Jacqui ran 19:17 to overtake Wetherby, Ilkley and then Bingley to win by just 6 seconds.


F45- 54 , Again this team did not have all of our fastest runners in the age group in the team but good solid running by all brought them into 2 nd place. Yvette Arthur ran the first leg in 22:14 before dashing off to Leeds to see Aaron run in the Junior Relays, Rachael Mellor, ran the 2 nd leg and picked up one place and moving them in to 3rd, running19:48 the second fastest (by one second) of the day and Karen Sinkinson ran the last leg in 20:37 again picking up one place to move the team into 2 nd.


M35 – 39 , this team was made up of Jared Croft, Jonathan Sykes (M40), Brandon Holroyd and Maz Khoueiry. In a category where only 2 out of 12 runners in the first three teams ran slower than 17:00 they were always going to be up against it in their category race; however the format of all the teams starting together means that on your leg you are racing all the runners around you just like a normal road race. Jared ran 18:03, 5 th; Jonathan18:44, 6 th; Brandon 19:32, 7 th and Maz 20:01, 7 th.


All smiles for the M40 – 49 teamM40 – 49 , we managed to get out two teams in this category which was pleasing as it is the one we have struggled with of late.


The ‘A’team of Ricky South, Mike Mavromihales, Gary Graham and Steve Rimmer, were given a great start by Ricky running the 3 rd fastest leg of the day in 17:24 and bring them back in 1 st place. Mike then ran the 4 th fastest leg, 17:34 to hold on to 1 st by just one second handing over t Gary who was passed but hung on to remain just 6 seconds behind at the last changeover. Steve then came up against the fastest runner in the age group, Stewart McDonald from Bingley who ran exactly 2 minutes faster than Steve in 16:21 but Steve finished comfortably in 2 nd place, an excellent result.


Phil HobbsThe second team in this category was made up of Phil Hobbs, 20:33; Andrew Kerry, 20:33; Jeff Pierson (M55), 22:08; and Dayn Wilkins, 22:50. Andrew and Dayn stepped in at the last minute to make up a team when we were still two short on Thursday night and Jeff moved down an age group as a spare runner in the M50’s. Once again they were not in contention for the medal places but all had good runs and were a valuable part of the overall team effort.


M50 – 59 , finished 9 th out of 17 teams not bad for a team that was made up of runners who are now (me included) definitely the 2 nd string M50’s in the club. With Kevin’s navigation going a bit wrong leading to him and Liz doing a tour of Yorkshire to find the venue, Ian Moore ran the first leg in 19:29 finishing 12 th, I then took over on leg two, started too quickly catching and passing the two M50’s I could see in front of me only to be caught out by the long climb, where they caught and passed me again! One got away but I managed to hang onto the other all the way to the top passing another M50 on the way and then re-passed the other M50 on the down hill to the finish so picking up two places and running 19:16. Kevin then took over on leg three and ran our fastest leg finishing in 19:12 and picking up one more place to bring us home 9 th.


Kevin working hard all the way to the finishOverall a very successful and enjoyable day, thanks to all those runners that turned out to represent the club and also the supporters who turned up to watch.


With just two races to go it is very close in some age categories in the GP series so there were a few complaints when the Stainland dates were changed, hence the return to the original date of 4 th October but a change of venue to Greetland (see details on www.yvaa.org website).Then it will be all down to the last GP at Spen on the 15 th November. Will the double decker bus make a re-appearance I wonder?


The YVAA Fell Championships are at Meltham the week before on the 8 th November, entries on the day for this race.

YVAA Cross Country Relays at Graves Park, Sheffield are on October 11 th and while entries would be appreciated in advance they will be taken up to and on the day.


Holmfirth 15 / YVAA 15m Championships details are all now on the website. While you can enter the race on the day you will not count in the championships unless you pre-enter. If you’re not running I will be looking for help with the marshalling and all the other jobs on the day so if you have an hour to spare please volunteer. See me at the desk or email me at robkersey@toucansurf.com


The 2009 ‘YVAA Awards Dinner’ details are on the Home page of the YVAA website www.yvaa.org

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The Vets section is one of the largest and best supported sections of the club. We compete in YVAA Grand Prix multi – terrain races, Road Relays Championships, Cross Country Championships, Fell Championships, the many Road Championship races and The Track and Field Champs. We also send teams to the National Road Relays at Sutton Park each year. Road Relay and Cross Country


Championships are particularly well supported with 30+ runners often turning out for the teams. When we get a strong team out we are always in contention for medals and have won silver medals at the BMAF National Road Relays in recent years as well as many Yorkshire medals in all events.


Winning medals is great for the individuals, teams and club of course but is not the only reason for taking part. Without the non ‘A team’ runners these events would be not only a lot less enjoyable as a team but virtually empty as an event. We welcome all vets into our teams no matter what standard so if you’re over 35 and fancy a run out please join us.



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