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Calderdale relay 2009

Simon and Dave discuss tactics before the startAfter more changes than I can remember the Vets team was more or less finalised late on Saturday afternoon; only Helen Pettit not sure if she was going to be ok to run. With all my kit (inc. trail and fell shoes), spare club vests, pins, sandwiches and coffee I left at 6.30 confident that I had everything. Confident until I got to West Vale that is when I discovered I had not got my glasses so couldn’t read the maps when checking how to get to the changeover points! Oh well I was confident I would remember when I got there!!


Dave Shepherd and Simon Rawnsley climbed out of a car just two cars away and we wandered over to register meeting up with Lesley and Jax (ladies team) and Bill and Jake (open team).


Everyone ambled to the start and the whistle started the teams off in the gloom of a cold but fine morning. As the sun came up over the hills the morning warmed slightly and conditions were good if wet underfoot for running with only a light breeze and no fog. Dave and simon ran a good solid first leg (apart from a navigational error costing them 4 or 5 minutes) and got to the finish well before the cut off in 1:38:12.


 Ian S having run this leg last year should have been familiar with the route but according to Ian A could remember little of it before they started. Anyway they seemed to get round ok the Shuttleworth built in satnav coming into play perhaps and just beat the ‘cut off time’ handing over to the waiting Blandine Renou and Rob Halstead in 1:13:54.


The leg 3 pairing had changed three times over the last two weeks as team members dropped out or were swapped from one leg to another so it was fortunate Blandine had reccied the leg with Andy Shaw the week before.

Leg 3 is the shortest leg, about 4 1/ 2 miles but starts with a cruel climb, undulates across the edge of the moor and over fields and then climbs to the finish at Blackshaw Head.


Another strong run saw them finish in 53:56 handing over to Andy Hauser and John Ewart our strongest pairing of the day. John, only recently declared fit after a calf injury might have otherwise been in the first team and was almost whisked away at the last minute when Mark Buckingham injured his knee. Luckily for us Mark recovered sufficiently to.

From the end of Leg 2 I moved onto the start of leg 5 at Wainstalls and arrived in time to spot Julia’s blond head just visible, sticking out of the top of a multicoloured quilt trying to keep warm in the biting wind.


 Karen Sinkinson and Julia Johnson (ladies team), Helen Pettit (Vets team), Katie Woodings and Dave Knight (running for Honley High – traitors!) and Bill Hunter (Vets team) before the mass start on Leg 5.

Leg 5 is the only leg I haven’t run and with Helen being full of cold it looked as if I might have to fill in, but feeling better on the day she was determined to run so I was able to put that uncertain pleasure off another year. They ploughed through the mud bravely and finished in 1:23:36.


The last leg, Leg 6 is one of the longest but has also been the most changed over the years and now has rather too much road for many of the fell runners liking. Ashley Smith who was originally down to run Leg 5 had reluctantly agreed to run the last leg with Jonathon Sykes there being no one else left anywhere near Jonathon’s speed. Ash hates the road so it must have been torture to him but that’s what running a team event is all about - everyone running for the best of the team not themselves. Fast or slow every member is just as important as the next and pairs need to stick together to help the slower runner along.


 Many thanks and well done to all those that took part.


Final positions below, 63 rd out of 117 teams, a very respectable result especially given the number of dropouts we had.




Holmfirth Harriers Vets

Dave Shepherd

Ian Arnold

Rob Halstead

Andy Hauser

Bill Hunter

Jonathan Sykes



Simon Rawnsley


Ian Shuttleworth


Blandine Renou


John Ewart


Helen Pettit


Ashley Smith




































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Rob Kersey

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The Vets section is one of the largest and best supported sections of the club. We compete in YVAA Grand Prix multi – terrain races, Road Relays Championships, Cross Country Championships, Fell Championships, the many Road Championship races and The Track and Field Champs. We also send teams to the National Road Relays at Sutton Park each year. Road Relay and Cross Country


Championships are particularly well supported with 30+ runners often turning out for the teams. When we get a strong team out we are always in contention for medals and have won silver medals at the BMAF National Road Relays in recent years as well as many Yorkshire medals in all events.


Winning medals is great for the individuals, teams and club of course but is not the only reason for taking part. Without the non ‘A team’ runners these events would be not only a lot less enjoyable as a team but virtually empty as an event. We welcome all vets into our teams no matter what standard so if you’re over 35 and fancy a run out please join us.



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For some time Ive been trying to collect your times for distances from 5K to a Marathon. While I have managed to cajole some information out of a few people there are still loads of runners that have not given me any times. As you will see (on the MEMBER's Page) weve posted those. Almost any time supplied is likely to get in the top ten simply because we have so few contributors. So why not let me have your times and see yourself in the top ten for your age group. Click on the link (to e-amil ROB) at the top of the page, then Email your best times. Thanks.


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