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BMAF Road Relays 2009

   Four teams of Holmfirth Vets made their way down to Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield for what is always a very enjoyable event, the BMAF Road Relays, on Saturday 16 th May. All 20 members, 16 runners plus Dianne, Helen, Liz and Tim supporting were on site by about 10.00 am and the tent was soon up and sheltering us from the blustery wind and rain squalls. Numbers were collected and running order of teams entered on time and while those running later legs went for a jog round the course and prepared to support our teams around the course, first leg runners in the W35, W45 and M50 teams made their way to the start. John Ewart leading off for the M50 team had another great run, clocking 16:53 and coming home 4 th. Helen Berry came back 29 th overall, in 18:15 an excellent 5 th in the W35 race and Jean Shotter like Helen more often to be seen on the fells, came in 85 th overall in 20:37 which gave her 8 th position in the W45 race.


Gary Armitage, Julia Johnson and Lesley Ewart were our leg 2 runners and all put in solid performances to maintain or improve our positions. Gary running in his usual smooth style actually moved up 3 places and into first position with a strong run up the finishing straight with a time of 17:15.


  Julia came in 36 th overall, 6 th in the W35 race in 19:15 and Lesley 67 th overall having passed 18 runners bringing her home 6 th in the W45 race in 19:59.


Andy Hauser another runner more at home on the fells but always turning out for these team events had the task of taking over in first place in the M50 team and was always going to struggle to hold off faster road specialists. He dug deep and hung on well just dropping two places to 3 rd in 17:58. Karen Sinkinson, like Julia promoted to the W35 team, came in 45 th overall, 9 th in the W35 in 20:21 and Chris Couch came in 20:18, 62 nd overall, to give the W45 team a final position of 5 th place out of 13 teams.


Kevin Yewlett was next off for the M50 team running strongly and putting Alwynn’s speed training sessions to good use to drop just 3 places to 6 th in 18:31. Dawn Broom ran the last leg for the W35 team and although struggling with her breathing, having forgotten her inhaler, she still picked up 12 places finishing 33 rd overall and 8 th in the W35 race in 19:12, this out of 22 teams.


  This left just the M50’s to continue with Dave Shepherd on leg 5 and Rob Kersey on the last leg. Dave was running his first National Road Relay and is in full Marathon training mode so stamina was never going to be an issue. The question was how was his speed? Dave had an excellent run coming in 9 th in 19:00 leaving Rob to try and hang onto a top ten position. Although running doggedly (and before some one else says it “more a Labrador than a whippet these days”) he dropped 3 places to runners over a minute faster to finish in 12 th position out of 33 teams. This was still the best position for a number of years and the whole team enjoyed the day.


At 1.30 pm the M35 – 39 and M40 – 49 teams started their races of 4 and 8 legs. Unfortunately we were unable to put out an M40 team and so put out a mixed age team in the M35 – 39 race.

Last year we won silver in this race but were without 3 of the 4 team members of last year, only Chris Beadle being available this year.


  First off was John Broom, like Dawn running his first team race for Holmfirth, after recently rejoining us, after coming back from Dorset. John ran a good first leg coming in 10 th in 16:18. Ricky South ran the 2 nd leg and although moving up to the M50 age group next year put in a cracking time of 16:28 moving us up to 6 th place. Chris Beadle, yet another runner who probably runs more on the fells than the roads ran 17:55 to finish 10 th again leaving Julian Rose to run the last leg and keep us in the top ten. Julian running his first National Vets Road Relay ran 17:10 and with a blistering finish, up the final straight, picked up one place to bring us home in 9 th place.


Many thanks to all the runners that made up the teams and to Helen Pettit, Dianne Waite, Liz Yewlett and Tim Cock for coming down to support us; hopefully we can get M40, M60 and W55 teams out as well another year.


Many thanks to the club for paying for the transport and allowing many of us to doze on the way back. Must be our age!


Helen Berry








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The Vets section is one of the largest and best supported sections of the club. We compete in YVAA Grand Prix multi – terrain races, Road Relays Championships, Cross Country Championships, Fell Championships, the many Road Championship races and The Track and Field Champs. We also send teams to the National Road Relays at Sutton Park each year. Road Relay and Cross Country


Championships are particularly well supported with 30+ runners often turning out for the teams. When we get a strong team out we are always in contention for medals and have won silver medals at the BMAF National Road Relays in recent years as well as many Yorkshire medals in all events.


Winning medals is great for the individuals, teams and club of course but is not the only reason for taking part. Without the non ‘A team’ runners these events would be not only a lot less enjoyable as a team but virtually empty as an event. We welcome all vets into our teams no matter what standard so if you’re over 35 and fancy a run out please join us.



Vets records

For some time Ive been trying to collect your times for distances from 5K to a Marathon. While I have managed to cajole some information out of a few people there are still loads of runners that have not given me any times. As you will see (on the MEMBER's Page) weve posted those. Almost any time supplied is likely to get in the top ten simply because we have so few contributors. So why not let me have your times and see yourself in the top ten for your age group. Click on the link (to e-amil ROB) at the top of the page, then Email your best times. Thanks.


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