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Holmfirth Harriers Parlaufs 2011

Final results

After the excitement of the heats the previous week when a record 63 pairs took to the start line in 6 heats to determine the qualifiers for the final.  The anticipation was high on Tuesday 17th of May when 9 pairs took to the start line, with a large number of the vast group of spectators speculating on the ultimate victors. It transpired that no one could be certain of the winners until the last five seconds of the 10 minutes as one of the most exciting Parlauf Finals in recent years unfolded.
The prophetic words of John McFadzean  were borne out who had warned  told the senior athletes that it would not be easy as two of the seniors had to withdraw due to muscle strains picked up in qualifying. This reduced the field to nine as Wayne Byram stood in as a sub for one of the runners.

Once the final started it took a couple of minutes for the field to sort itself out. David Drake and Sam Sykes were setting the early pace with Alistair Reece and Lucy Whitworth looking dangerous and a number of others pairs close behind. The scratch pair of Wayne Byram and Lia Carter was prominent with Lia putting in strong efforts on her leg.  In fact it was the strength of the junior partners which began to sort the field out.

At the half way mark, David and Sam were still to the fore but John Philpott and Max Mallinson were beginning to look strong. Alistair and Lucy still looked to be in the hunt but Jonathon Sykes and Eve Kluczkowski started to catch the eye as they continued to lap consistently whilst others found the going a bit tough and there times slowed.

As the race moved towards the final minute John and Max had taken the lead with David and Sam in close attendance. The efforts of Eve on her half laps had brought her and Jonathon into contention and he was looking to enjoy the race the further it went none of them could be ruled out. As the first whistle went all three of the leading juniors had the baton and as they made the final exchange John led from David with Jonathon in third. As the clock ticked down Jonathon passed David and set off after John, with ten seconds left the two of them rounded the bottom bend with John still in front but as they straightened up Jonathon put in a final surge and swept past to take the title for him and Eve with only 5 seconds left.

All 126 who took part in the parlaufs need to be congratulated but special praise to the 9 pairs in the final who put on a fantastic and exciting spectacle and they all richly deserved the applause and sheers at the end of the race.



  • Jonathon Sykes and Eve Kluczkowski
  • John Philpott and Max Mallinson
  • David Drake and Sam Sykes
  • Alistair Reece and Lucy Whitworth
  • Wayne Byram and Lia Carter
  • Fran Whitworth and Isaac Shepherd
  • Kath Farquhar and Edward Harrower
  • Lewis Byram and Molly Mellor
  • Robert Hinchliffe and Billy Hoult.

A big thanks to all the organisers, handicappers, and lap counters for helping to make this a truly club event with the seniors and juniors entering into the spirit and competing and supporting each other.


Heat results

Andrew Farquhar Katie Etchells 12.9 Hilary Booth Blake Hooker 11.7
Daniel Howatson Deborah Byram 12.8
Charles Crosland  Sonia Williams 12.7
Daisy Burgess Jake Barrett 12.6
Kirstie Dickinson Katie Dickinson 11
Heat 5 Heat 6
Kevin Hoult Jamie Fitton 13.8 David Drake Sam Shaw 14.1
Wayne Byram Ella Huddleston 13.5 Fran Whitworth Isacc Shepherd 14
Lorraine Smith Savannah Andrake 13.2 Phil Hobbs Holly Bailey-Taylor 13.3
Andrew Kerry Brandon O'Connor 13 Lucy Farquhar Joel Page 13.1
Sophie Spencer Alice Ortn 13 Ruby Sykes Sophie Kattlewell 13.1
Emily Tinsley Goerge Hobbs 12.9 Darren Hanson Ollie Rees 12.8
Geniveive Durrans Francessca Redfearn 12.6 Lucy Byram  Ann Smith 12.7
Grahan Howatson Mandy Mellor 12.6 Brandon Holroyd  Phillip Rawnsley 12.5
Lews Bartholomhew Orla Williams 12.4 Katie Walshaw Niamh Joseph 12.5
Joe Williams  Imogen cargill 11 Debbie Hall Richard Whale 12.4
These results are bsed on the information supplied by recorders.





Parlauf Qualifiers 2011.
Final Tuesdaty 17th of April 2011 at 19:45hrs
Heat Winners
Heat 1 Max Mallison John Philpott
Heat 2 Alistair Reece Lucy Whitworth
Heat 3 Robert Hinchliffe Billy Hoult
Heat 4 Johnathon Sykes Eve Kluczkowski
Heat 5 Kevin Hoult Jamie Fitton
Heat 6 David Drake Sam Shaw
Best Runners Up
Heat 6 Fran Whitworth Isacc Shepherd
Heat 4 Martin Huddlestone Lucy Taylor
Heat 2 Kath Farquhar Edward Harrower
Heat 1 Lewis Byram Molly Mellor


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