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Denis Stitt Fell Race, 2011

On Thursday 18th August Holmfirth Harriers hosted the annual Denis Stitt Memorial Fell Race. On a warm muggy evening with mainly dry conditions underfoot, 69 runners toed the line for this short ‘A’ category race that now takes in two laps of a course starting and finishing at Cartworth Moor Cricket Club and taking in the fast decent down to Ward Place and Malkin House Wood followed by a traverse through the wood and then the tough climb back up to the cricket club via fields and tracks.

First home was Nick Swift from Sheffield in 30:10 over a minute and a half clear of Joe Mann from Penistone in 31:44. Andy Whitworth from Meltham was 3rd and 1st M40 in 32:28 with James Durrans of Holmfirth Harriers 4th and 2nd M40 in 32:51.

7th Jonathan Sykes 1st M45; 8th Gavin Baxter M40; 13th Helen Berry 1st lady; 16th Margaret Sykes 2nd lady and 1st F40; 18th Phil Hobbs M45; 20th Graham Howatson; 21st Kevin Yewlett 3rd M55; 22nd Rob Kersey 1st M60; 25th Andrei Vais; 27th Nigel Moran M40; 28th Chris Beadle M40; 29th John Robinson; 30th Paul Crowther; 36th Debbie Hall 3rd lady; 39th Karen Sinkinson 1st F50; 41st Rob Halstead M55; 43rd Chris Whitelegg M50; 48th Richard Smith 2nd M60; 51st Tim Cock 1st M65; 57th Richard Whale M55; 59th Andrew Hambleton M55 and 68th Hilary Booth F45.


First men’s team were James, Jonathan and Gavin; first lady’s team were Helen, Margaret and Debbie.


Organiser Russell Bangham would like to thank all those that helped on the night with marshalling, catering and results plus all those that donated prizes and Cartworth Moor Cricket Club for the use of the excellent venue.


Denis Stitt Memorial Fell Race Thursday 18th August 2011
Position First Name Surname Club Time Age Cat
1 Nick Swift Sheffield 30:10:00 SM
2 Joe Mann PFR 31:44:00 SM
3 Andy Whitworth Meltham 32:28:00 M40
4 James Durrans Holmfirth H 32:51:00 M40
5 Dan  Stewart U/A 33:04:00 M40
6 Chris Davies Saddleworth 33:35:00 M55
7 Jonathan Sykes Holmfirth H 33:51:00 M45
8 Gavin Baxter Holmfirth H 34:35:00 M40
9 Chris Jackson Glossopdale 34:42:00 SM
10 Jim  Bell Dark Peak 35:10:00 M50
11 Stephen Booth U/A 35:24:00 M45
12 Giles Bailey Meltham 36:11:00 M40
13 Helen Berry Holmfirth H 36:22:00 SF
14 Dan  Charlesworth PFR 36:49:00 M45
15 Matthew Hart U/A 36:53:00 SM
16 Margaret Sykes Holmfirth H 37:18:00 F40
17 Keith Holmes Dark Peak 37:21:00 M55
18 Phil Hobbs Holmfirth H 37:28:00 M45
19 Peter Heywood Denby Dale H 37:46:00 M40
20 Graham Howatson Holmfirth H 37:50:00 SM
21 Kevin  Yewlett Holmfirth H 37:52:00 M55
22 Rob Kersey Holmfirth H 38:10:00 M60
23 Paul Gee PFR 38:18:00 M45
24 John Howsham PFR 38:42:00 M45
25 Andrei Vais Holmfirth H 38:54:00 SM
26 Michael Tomar Rossendale 39:05:00 M45
27 Nigel Moran Holmfirth H 39:19:00 M40
28 Chris Beadle Holmfirth H 39:35:00 M40
29 John Robinson Holmfirth H 39:38:00 SM
30 Paul Crowther Holmfirth H 39:45:00 SM
31 Stephen Dickenson PFR 39:49:00 M45
32 Carl Bedson Glossopdale 39:57:00 M40
33 Graham Barnes U/A 40:03:00 M55
34 Martin Whitehead Calder Valley 40:11:00 M50
35 Brent Lindsay PFR 40:37:00 M50
36 Debbie Hall Holmfirth H 41:01:00 SF
37 Stuart Woodhead PFR 41:25:00 M55
38 Nick Whittingham PFR 41:52:00 M55
39 Karen Sinkinson Holmfirth H 42:24:00 F50
40 Andy Hargreaves Meltham 42:48:00 M55
41 Rob Halstead Holmfirth H 43:00:00 M55
42 Geoff Dimelow PFR 43:03:00 M50
43 Chris Whitelegg Holmfirth H 43:14:00 M50
44 Dave Foster PFR 43:20:00 M50
45 Jason Kauchal U/A 43:42:00 M45
46 Tony Jackson Glossopdale 44:41:00 M50
47 Colin Porteous PFR 44:52:00 M50
48 Richard Smith Holmfirth H 45:26:00 M60
49 Barbara Haigh PFR 45:30:00 F60
50 Rebecca Halstead Holmfirth H 45:34:00 SF
51 Tim Cock Holmfirth H 45:46:00 M65
52 William Halliwell U/A 46:00:00 M60
53 Julie Moxon PFR 46:14:00 F40
54 Bob Innes PFR 46:33:00 M60
55 Craig Birchall PFR 46:50:00 SM
56 Neil McGraw Glossopdale 46:55:00 SM
57 Richard Whale Holmfirth H 47:03:00 M55
58 Jane Cockerton PFR 47:16:00 F45
59 Andrew Hambleton Holmfirth H 47:56:00 M55
60 Bernice Hixon PFR 48:10:00 F55
61 David Needham PFR 48:13:00 M60
62 Jackie Hetherington PFR 49:50:00 F40
63 Alex Greenwell U/A 50:35:00 M40
64 Sue Higham PFR 51:43:00 F60
65 Daniel Keesham U/A 53:49:00 SM
66 Mitchell Smith U/A 54:10:00 SM
67 Annie Lightowler PFR 54:50:00 F40
68 Hilary Booth Holmfirth H 64:50:00 F45
69 Peter Nicholson U/A 69:09:00 M60






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