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Junior Winter Championship Race Two, Beaumont Park Road Race Handicaps.

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The Junior Winter Road Races took place within the confines of Beaumont Park on Sunday 28 th of March on a bright, breezy and sunny day which was a pleasant change compared with the snow, sleet and hail of recent years.

The under 11 girls were first off and the youngest runner Eleanor Hoyle set off with a purpose and although many thought she had set off to fast, she showed great promise to hold the lead all the way coming home from another new runner Lily Booth who had moved through the field from a mid field start. These were followed home by Imogen Cargill, again one of the youngest runners on the day in third place. Some of the more experienced runners had a battle within the race with Erica Byram this time just outdoing her sister Lucy in a reversal of placing at Xmas and Olivia Sykes continuing her strong winter form to take the fastest time.

In the under 11 boys race 6yr old McKenzie Gill running as a guest ran a remarkable race to cross the line first with his actual time only being bettered by the four most experienced youngsters. Behind McKenzie, Finn Kerry had a good run although his attention began to wander at the end and only the urgings of what was a large crowd of spectators made him concentrate again and he was able to hold off the fast finishing Henry Cash who was making his debut. Next Home was bailey Bedford whose brother Bradley had set off last but produced the fastest time, but with 9 athletes being covered by less than 30 seconds, and all in the final uphill straight at the same time it led to some exciting sprint finishes.

Aaron Arthur’s winter training is starting to pay off and he had an excellent run in the Boys under 13 race to come through and win, comfortably holding off Lewis Byram who ran the fastest time. William England finished strongly to take 3 rd place pulling away from Eddie Hinchliffe who was 4 th in the last lap.

The improvement shown by Sophie Spencer continued and she produced one of the best performances of the day to win the Under 13 girls race by almost 40sends and it was when comparing her race time with Amira Mellor who ran the fastest time in coming second that it can be seen she is getting closer all the time. The other Sophie in the race Williams showed great determination to keep Lucy Farquhar at bay to finish 3 rd. A special word to two newcomers Lydia Whiting and Sarah Day who produced encouraging performances and who will receive a more lenient handicap in the next race.

In the Under 17 races Ruby Sykes chased Alex France all the way and managed to overhaul her inside the last 200yrds, whilst Michael Booth showed how his confidence has grown after running in most of the big cross country races of the winter by producing a strong run to close down on Daniel Ellis and move smoothly past him to win.


Under 11 Girls
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time Pos
Eleanor Hoyle 0s 10m 36s 10m 36s 1
Lily Booth 0m 45s 11m 06s 10m 21s 2
Imogen Cargill 0s 11m 15s 11m 15s 3
Daisy Hinchliffe 1m 05s 11m 17s 10m 12s 4
Erica Byram 2m 15s 11m 19s 9m 04s 5
Olivia Sykes 2m 45s 11m 38s 8m 53s 6
Lucy Byram 2m 40s 11m 59s 9m 19s 7
Lauren Cargill 0m 15s 12m 05s 11m 50s 8
Ciara Ellis 0m 55s 12m 32s 11m 37s 9
Charlotte Lindley 0m 55s 13m 59s 13m 04s 10
Lucy Taylor 0m 25s 14m 29s 14m 04s 11
Under 11 Boys
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time Pos
McKenzie Gill 0m 9m 30s 9m 30s GUEST
George Hobbs 0m 40s Retired
Finn Kerry 1m 30s 11m 01s 9m 31s 1
Henry Cash 1m 40s 11m 10s 9m 30s 2
Bailey Bedford 1m 45s 11m 12s 9m 27s 3
Arron Gill 2m 20s 11m 15s 8m 55s 4
Nicky Farquhar 2m 10s 11m 17s 9m 07s 5
Joe Cannon 0m 45s 11m 20s 10m 35s 6
Andrew Farquhar 2m 40s 11m 27s 8m 47s 7
Shea Kerry 1m 05s 11m 28s 10m 23s 8
Oliver Greenwood 1m 45s 11m 30s 9m 45s 9
Joe Williams 1m 50s 11m 50s 10m 00s 10
Bradley Bedford 3m 30s 12m 02s 8m 32s 11
Oliver Whittaker 0m 45s 12m 07s 11m 22s 12
Thomas England 1m 10s 12m 40s 11m 30s 13
Harry Hobbs 1m 0s 12m 45s 11m 45s 14
Under 13 Girls
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time Pos
Sophie Spencer 1m 10s 14m 45s 13m 35s 1
Amira Mellor 2m 15s 15m 38s 13m 23s 2
Sophie Williams 0m 0s 15m 46s 16m 46s 3
Lucy Farquhar 2m 20s 15m 52s 13m 32s 4
Sarah Day 0m 20s 17m 04s 16m 44s 5
Lydia Whiting 0m 20s 17m 18s 16m 58s 6
Under 13 Boys
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time Pos
Aaron Arthur 0m 30s 13m 04s 12m 34s 1
Lewis Byram 1m 40s 13m 24s 11m 44s 2
William England 0m 35s 13m 40s 13m 15s 3
Eddie Hinchcliffe 0m 0s 13m 54s 13m 54s 4
Over 13 Girls
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time Pos
Ruby Sykes 4m 30s 18m 07s 13m 37s 1
Alex France 0m 18m 41s 18m 41s 2
Over 13 Boys
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time Pos
Michael Booth 2m 15m 30s 13m 30s 1
Daniel Ellis 0m 19m 59s 19m 59s 2





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