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Junior Point to Point, 21 April 2011

Thursday 21st of April saw the last of the winter series of junior club races when the Point to Point handicap races were staged from Neiley. With the late start to the Easter holidays one or two youngsters were missing but there were still some strong fields in all the races, with a number of the youngsters racing for the first time.

Changing from tradition the first races to set off were the under 17 boys and girls which due to the unseasonly hot weather made these a bigger test of endurance than normal. This did not stop the boy’s race turning into a desperate sprint finish over the last 50metres with Aaron Arthur just managing to over hall Robert Hinchliffe within sight of the finish to win the race but Robert had the satisfaction of securing the overall winter Championship. Daniel Ellis who had held the lead all the way until the last straight finished close behind in third.

The girl’s race saw Sophie Spencer run an excellent race. She overtook the early starters and pulled away in win in impressive style, with Ruby Sykes who recorded the fastest time in second, although this was only 5 seconds faster than Sophie which shows how she had improved. Sophie Williams also gave her all and finished 3rd. Sophie Spencer also managed to secure the overall title.

The under 13 girls and boys races also produced some exciting sprint finishes to entertain the large crowd of parents and spectators. In the boys race Joe Williams held the lead as the runners re-entered the field and despite being closed down the by two Lewis’s, Bartholemhew and Byram, plus anxious looks over his shoulder he managed to hold his nerve to win. The race for second place came down to a dash for the line and although Lewis Byram was closing with every stride, Lewis Bartholemhew managed to hold on to the runners up spot. Lewis Byram had done enough however to ensure he was the overall winter champion.

In the under 13 girls it was Lucy Byram who stole the show with a determined run, in the last race her twin sister Erica had stolen the limelight but Lucy made no mistake this time forging ahead at half way and gradually increasing her lead, she not only won the race in the fastest time, but also secured the overall winter championship title. Olivia Sykes split the twins to take second place, with Erica just holding off Daisy-Mae Hinchliffe for 3rd.

The under 11 girls set off next and with 28 entries this was the biggest field of the night, keeping the time keepers and recorders very busy as the handicappers got it right and large numbers finished within seconds of each other. The first back was Fiona Archer who has improved all winter, she moved through the field and managed to hold off the fast finishing Charlotte Eastwood by a matter of yards. Charlotte who had started towards the rear of the field passed a number of athletes after they got back into Neiley field including two debutants, Erin Taffe and Savannah Andrade in the home straight.  Erin managed to stay in front of Savannah to take third. Charlottes run enabled her to pip Libby Shepherd to the winter championship title. Keelan Fitton who is improving with each race and was the last to set off again recorded the fastest time of the night.

The under 11 boy’s race was also very tight with Daniel Tinson, James Burhouse and William Cummins all in with a chance of winning in the last dash to the line. Daniel and James had swapped places several times during the race but it was Daniel who prevailed to take first place with James holding off William who had been getting closer all the time from his start towards the back of the field. Jimmy Burke who is a very talented young athlete recorded the fastest time but could not quite get onto terms with the first three whilst Daniel Howatson produced a fine run to hold of Nicky Farquhar for the overall winter title.

All the young athletes who took part are to be congratulated on the effort they put in and the exciting races they produced. A big thanks to the helpers and officials who assisted in making the event run smoothly, especially the ones who were stood on the points to ensure that we didn’t lose any athletes.
The next event is the Parlaufs with the heats taking place on Tuesday 10th of May when we expect ALL the adult runners in the club to show the same effort and commitment as the juniors and to take part in what is the only club event for everyone from 8 to 10.


Point to Point Thursday 21st of April 2011
Under 11 Girls
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time
Fiona Archer 35s 11m 02s 10m 27s
Charlotte Eastwood 2m 05s 11m 09s 9m 04s
Erin Taaffe 1m 20s 11m 11s 9m 51s
Savvanah Andrade 55s 11m 15s 10m 20s
Talia Johnson 2m 0s 11m 16s 9m 16s
Charlotte Ewart 55s 11m 27s 10m 32s
Keelan Fitton 3m 20s 11m 28s 8m 08s
Lia Carter 1m 45s 11m 29s 9m 44s
Jennifer Melia 1m 30s 11m 36s 10m 06s
Molly Whale 55s 11m 37s 10m 42s
Emily Tinsley 2m 35s 11m 38s 9m 03s
Caitlin Smith 2m 0s 11m 49s 9m 49s
Sophie Allan 2m 20s 11m 50s 9m 30s
Olivia Blackburn 2m 0s 12m 02s 10m 02s
Jasmin Whale 15s 12m 08s 11m 53s
Olivia Battye 1m 25s 12m 0s 10m 35s
Molly Mellor 0s 12m 10s 12m 10s
Libby Sheperd 3m 05s 12m 12s 9m 07s
Ciara Ellis 2m 15s 12m 25s 10m 10s
Jaimie Fitton 2m 0s 12m 31s 10m 31s
Emma Tinson 50s 12m 59s 12m 09s
Abby Bakewell 2m 30s 13m 05s 10m 35s
Katie Etchells 2m 05s 13m 06s 11m 01s
Orla Williams 40s 13m 12s 12m 32s
Millie Yates 2m 15s 13m 34s 11m 19s
Maia Duka 40s 14m 00s 13m 20s
Cerys Allott 10s 14m 07s 13m 57s
Under 11 Boys
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time
Daniel Tinson 45s 9m 40s 8m 55s
James Burhouse 50s 9m 42s 8m 52s
William Cummins 1m 30s 9m 47s 8m 27s
Daniel Howatson 1m 40s 10m 06s 8m 26s
Sam Brown 0s 10m 08s 10m 08s
Jimmy Burke 2m 45s 10m 10s 7m 25s
Freddy Denton 1m 40s 10m 20s 8m 40s
George Hobbs 45s 10m 22s 9m 37s
Finn Kerry 2m 20s 10m 43s 8m 23s
Nicky Farquhar 2m 40s 10m 45s 8m 05s
Under 13 Girls
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time
Lucy Byram 1m 15s 13m 03s 11m 48s
Olivia Sykes 2m 13m 34s 11m 34s
Erica Byram 2m 14m 14s 12m 14s
Daisy Hinchliffe-Smith 0s 14m 15s 14m 15s
Hermione Bagnell 0s 16m 50s 16m 50s
Under 13 Boys
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time
Joe Williams 0s 13m 20s 13m 20s
Lewis Bartholemew 1m 40s 13m 30s 11m 50s
Lewis Byram 3m 30s 13m 31s 10m 01s
Isacc Shepherd 1m 14m 42s 13m 42s
Shea Kerry 1m 20s 14m 48s 13m 28s
James Emmett 15s 15m 44s 15m 29s
Gareth Allott 15s 16m 30s 16m 15s
Over 13 Girls
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time
Sophie Spencer 4m 0s 22m 24s 18m 24s
Ruby Sykes 4m 50s 23m 09s 18m 19s
Sophie Williams 1m 40s 23m 45s 22m 05s
Lucy Farquhar 4m 40s 24m 55s 20m 55s
Phoebe Bagnall 0s 27m 53s 27m 53s
Over 13 Boys
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time
Aaron Arthur 7m 23m 08s 16m 08s
Robert Hinchliffe 6m 23m 10s 17m 10s
Daniel Ellis 0s 23m 29s 23m 9s
Eddie Hinchliffe 6m 40s DNF




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