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Point to point 15th April 2010


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Under 11 Girls
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time
Amy Kettlewell 40s 9m 26s 8m 46s
Keelan Fitton 1m 9m 44s 8m 44s
Lucy Taylor 10s 10m 02s 9m 52s
Sunaiugh Waterman 35s 10m 05s 9m 30s
Charlotte Dodd 20s 10m 06s 9m 46s
Lucy Byram 2m 40s 10m 06s 7m 26s
Erica Byram 2m 50s 10m 13s 7m 23s
Lily Booth 1m 40s 10m 18s 8m 38s
Eleanor Hoyle 1m 20s 10m 24s 9m 04s
Daisy Hinchliffe 1m 50s 10m 27s 8m 32s
Olivia Sykes 3mins 10m 28s 7m 28s
Libby Shepherd 1m 45s 10m 32s 8m 47s
Fiona Hodgson 1m 0s 10m 38s 9m 38s
Hermione Bagnall 0m 45s 10m 44s 9m 459s
Danielle Blyth Smith 45s 10m 56s 10m 11s
Alice Orton 40s 11m 06s 10m 26s
Isabella Wood 1m 11m 08s 10m 08s
Abby Bakewell 0m 40s 11m 14s 10m 34s
Charlotte Lindley 20s 11m 30s 11m 10s
Imogen Van Reuter 1m 0s 11m 30s 10m 30s
Emily Tinsley 1m30s 11m 37s 10m 07s
Ellie Rhodes 0m 40s 12m 30s 11m 50s
Fiona Archer 0m 0s 12m 50s 12m 50s
Under 11 Boys
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time
Daniel Howatson 0m 0s 8m 54s 8m 54s
Oliver Cash 0m 30s 9m 30s 9m 0s
Isaac Shepherd 1m 05s 9m 18s 8mm 13s
George Hobbs 0m 0s 9m 29s 9m 29s
McKenzie Gill 1m 0s 9m 36s 8m 36s
Harry Hobbs 0m 25s 9m 42s 9m 17s
George Orton 2m 0s 9m 44s 7m 44s
Joe Cannon 1m 20s 9m 50s 8m 30s
Sam Bentley 1m 0s 9m 50s 8m 50s
Tiras Waterman 1m 50s 9m 59s 8m 09s
Joe Williams 1m 50s 10m 01s 8m 11s
Thomas Addy 1m 40s 10m 07s 8m 27s
Ben Dickinson 1m 50s 10m 10s 8m 20s
Henry Cash 2m 25s 10m 15s 7m 50s
Arron Gill 2m 50s 10m 17s 7m 27s
Andrew Farquhar 3m 05s 10m 19s 7m 14s
Nicky Farquhar 2m 40s 10m 22s 7m 44s
John England 2m 30s 10m 44s 8m 14s
James Hughes 2m 25s 10m 51s 8m 26s
Thomas Radley 2m 30s 10m 55s 8m 25s
Brandon Hardy 2m 30s 10m 56s 8m 26s
Henry Salvini 1m 40s 10m 57s 9m 17s
Louis Morgan 1m 0s 11m 04s 10m 04s
Mark Sugden 0m 10s 11m 25s 11m 15s
Under 13 Girls
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time
Sophie Williams 0m 10s 14m 54s 14m 44s
Lucy Farquhar 3m 0s 15m 45s 12m 45s
Amira Mellor 3m 10s 15m 51s 12m 41s
Sophie Spencer 2m 55s 16m 33s 13m 38s
Under 13 Boys
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time
Lewis Byram 2m 10s 13m 13s 11m 03s
Aaron Kettlewell 1m 30s 13m 32 12m 02s
Aaron Arthur 1m 20s 13m 41s 12m 21s
Brandon Hardy 0m 40s 14m 05s 13m 25s
Over 13 Girls
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time
Alex France 0m 0s 25m 05s 25m 05s
Ruby Sykes 6m 30s 25m 47s 19m 17s
Chloe Wilkins 2m 30s 27m 12s 24m 42s
Charis Bower 2m 30s 28m 29s 25m 59s
Emma Taylor 3m 20s 30m 40s 27m 20s
Emily Casson 3m 30s 32m 17s 28m 37s
Celine Castle 1m 0s 32m 20s 31m 20s
Caroline Archer 0m 30s 37m 21s 36m 51s
Over 13 Boys
Name Handicap Handicap Time Race Time
Robert Hinchliffe 6m 30s 25m 45s 19m 15s




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