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Gynn Lane Junior Road Races, 21 June 2011


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The longest day of the year saw 90 of the junior athletes from Holmfirth Harriers line up for the six Gynn Lane Handicap Road Races. The high number of entries produced some exciting finishes for first past the post and some excellent performances from those further down the field that moved up on handicap to claim the overall trophies.

The first race saw the under 11 girls take to the start and as they set off in determined fashion it was apparent that the runners at the front of the pack were setting a fast pace. When the leaders completed the small lap Sunnivah Waterman one of the pre-race favourites was leading with a group which included Libby Shepherd hot on her heels. All the young girls were still running strongly and many still smiling as they set out on the large lap. As the race unfolded Libby made a move to the front and gradually pulled away from the rest to win after a very good run, with Sunnivah holding on for 2nd. Eve Kluczkowski and Eleanor Hoyle were involved in a sprint finish, both received the same time with Eve just shading Eleanor to be 3rd over the line. It looked like Libby’s effort would bring her the handicap victory as well but Olivia Battye who crossed the line in 7th had produced a fine run and her strong finish meant she piped her by 2 seconds with Jamie Fitton moving up the pecking order on handicap to take 3rd place. All the girls ran really well including Kate Dickinson who ran as a guest due to being only seven and was the 14th across the line out of 25.

The under 11 boys were off next and Jimmy Burke who had triumphed in the Neiley Junior X-Country Races was hot favourite.  As he completed the first lap Jimmy was in the lead but not by as far as many expected and he was being chased hard by a group of good young athletes. As the front runners came to the end of the race Jimmy was still in the lead and held a 10s lead over Callum Durrans at the finish with Nicky Farquhar 3rd over the line. Callum’s fine run had moved him towards the top in the handicap standings but as in the girl’s race one of the later finishers, James Hughes who was involved in a sprint finish with Ben Wright 7th & 8th place who took the crown. The sprint finish was vital as he beat Callum by only one second. The sprint also assisted Ben as he moved to joint 3rd in the handicap standings tying with Finn Kerry who continued to improve being 4th cross the line.  Inn total 26 runners took part and all finished the race.

The best race of the night came about when the organisers decided to run the Under 13 boys and girls at the same time and with both genders wishing to come out on top it produced a fascinating contest. A total of 31 set off and at the half way stage a group of 4, two boys and two girls were setting a furious pace with no quarter given. Bradley Bedford and Lewis Bartholomew represented the boys with Olivia Sykes and Erica Byram flying the flag for the girls with twin sister Lucy close behind. This was replicated all the way down the field with numerous individual battles which brought the best out of many of the runners.
As the leaders rounded the final bend and came into the home straight the first four could be covered by a blanket and a furious sprint finish unfolded with Bradley just holding Olivia and Erica off by one second with Lewis a further two seconds behind. Her effort to take on the boys paid off for Erica as she moved to top of the standings on Handicap to take the girls trophy with Olivia taking 3rd, the runners up spot went to Daisy Mae Smith who has continued to improve all year and another fine run had moved her up the field.

In the boys handicap Sam Shaw who was involved in another girl/boy tussle with Keelan Fitton moved to 1st place on handicap to win the trophy with Lewis in 2nd Place, Bradley was joined in equal 3rd place by Aaron Gill who is starting to get back to his best after a number of setbacks in the winter.

Due to injuries and illness the Over 13 girls field was greatly reduced however Sophie Spencer produced a strong front running display to cross the line 1st however Lucy Farquhar who crossed in 2nd had done just enough to reverse the places on handicap with Francesca Redfearn who is greatly less experienced than the other two taking 3rd.

The over 13 boys was another fascinating race with Lewis Byram being the hot favourite to win the race before the handicap came into the equation. This proved to be the case as he led from start to finish however he was running with the scars of a bike fall from a tri-athlon on Sunday and this may have slowed him slightly and enabled two to pass him in the handicap standings. The winner of the championship was Eddie Hinchliffe who paced himself well to enable him to finish strongly and just shade Aaron Arthur for the title. Aaron finished 2nd in both the race and handicap standings. The results were so close that Lewis only had one second to spare over Aaron Kettlewell and George Green who shared 4th place,

The races were a great success allowed some the young athletes to have their first experience of racing and a big thanks to the numerous helpers who assisted in marshalling, timekeeping and registering all the athletes.

This was the first of the summer championship with the second leg, the summer x-country taking place on Sunday 11th of September at Neiley with a bar-b-q to follow.


Gynn Lane Results 2011
  Under 11 Girls YEAR 5 AND BELOW
Numb Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
274 Libby Shepherd 20s 9m 03s 8m 43s 2
266 Sunnivah Waterman 0s 9m 25s 9m 25s 13
245 Eve Kluczkowski 30s 9m 39s 9m 09s 8
293 Eleanor Hoyle 40s 9m 39s 8m 59s 6
399 Sophie Allen 40s 9m 43s 9m 03s 7
226 Beattie Parkes 1m 0s 9m 54s 8m 54s 4
217 Olivia Battye 1m 15s 9m 56s 8m 41s 1
296 Lia Carter 55s 10m 13s 9m 18s 11
273 Megan Hicks 1m 20s 10m 15s 8m 55s 5
269 Jaimie Fitton 1m 45s 10m 35s 8m 50s 3
220 Loana Ross 1m 20s 10m 37s 9m 17s 9
221 Francesca Gyde 1m 45s 10m 58s 9m 13s 10
276 Holly Bailey-Taylor 1m 35s 10m 59s 9m 24s 12
222 Charlotte Ewart 1m 50s 11m 25s 9m 35s 14
260 Ella Huddleston 1m 50s 11m 43s 9m 53s 18
242 Lily MacDonald 1m 45s 11m 45s 10m 0s 19
237 Olivia Laycock 1m 50s 12m 01s 10m 11s 21
258 Fiona Archer 2m 15s 12m 06s 9m 51s 16=
227 Katie Etchells 2m 25s 12m 16s 9m 51s 16=
239 Emma Tillotson 2m 30s 12m 33s 10m 03s 20
259 Molly Mellor 2m 50s 12m 36s 9m 46s 15
236 Sarah-Ann Lee 2m 45s 13m 01s 10m 16s 22
238 Ellie Rose 3m 00s 13m 36s 10m 36s 23
281 Kate Dickinson Guest 11m 22s
  Under 11 Boys
Numb Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
253 Jimmy Burke 0s 8m 08s 8m 08s 15
268 Callum Durrans 40s 8m 18s 7m 38s 2
283 Nicky Farquhar 20s 8m 25s 8m 05s 13=
251 Finn Kerry 1m 8m 44s 7m 44s 3=
255 Ollie Rees 1m 10s 8m 58s 7m 48s 6=
244 Daniel Howatson 1m 15s 9m 05s 7m 50s 8
250 James Hughes 1m 45s 9m 22s 7m 37s 1
256 Ben Wright 1m 40s 9m 24s 7m 44s 3=
243 Owen Dawson 1m 50s 9m 36s 7m 46s 5
240 Daniel Tillison 1m 35s 9m 39s 8m 04s 11=
290 Joshua Draper 1m 50s 9m 42s 7m 52s 9=
271 Adam Brodie 1m 30s 9m 43s 8m 13s 16
234 Simon Winn 2m 0s 9m 52s 7m 52s 9=
219 Matthew Ross 1m 45s 9m 59s 8m 14s 17
235 Philip Rawnsley 2m 15s 10m 03s 7m 48s 6=
282 Alfie Field 2m 0s 10m 04s 8m 04s 11=
280 Joel Page 1m 45s 10m 21s 8m 36s 19
291 Jacob Riley 1m 45s 10m 24s 8m 39s 20
233 Louis Will 2m 20s 10m 25s 8m 05s 13=
264 George Hobbs 2m 0s 10m 28s 8m 28s 18
257 Mathew Lamb 1m 50s 10m 51s 9m 01s 22
263 Harry Hobbs 2m 15s 10m 59s 8m 44s 21
292 Adam Christopher 2m 00s 11m 07s 9m 07s 23
254 Wiiliam Hoult 2m 15s 11m 32s 9m 17s 24
218 Aaron Khela 3m 30s 13m 11s 9m 41s 25
  Under 13 Girls
Numb Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
289 Olivia Sykes 0s 10m 30s 10m 30s 3
287 Erica Byram 20s 10m 30s 10m 10s 1
288 Lucy Byram 10s 10m 52s 10m 42s 4
270 Keelan Fitton 55s 11m 38s 10m 43s 5
297 Daisy Mae Smith 2m 0s 12m 18s 10m 18s 2
267 Genevieve Durrans 2m 10s 12m 55s 10m 45s 6
294 Emily Tinsley 2m 10s 13m 01s 10m 51s 7
216 Olivia Blackburn 2m 05s 13m 33s 11m 28s 11
262 Ciara Ellis 2m 30s 13m 34s 11m 04s 10
229 Amy Kettlewell 2m 45s 13m 48s 11m 03s 8=
247 Megan Jackson 2m 15s 13m 51s 11m 36s 13
231 Maddie Lawton 2m 30s 14m 05s 11m 35s 12
232 Caitlin Smith 3m 15s 14m 18s 11m 03s 8=
249 Lucy Hughes 2m 45s 14m 31s 11m 46s 15
224 Megan Jones 3m 15s 15m 12s 11m 57s 16
275 Emmy Bailey-Taylor 3m 45s 15m 30s 11m 45s 14
225 Annie Parks 3m 30s 16m 36s 13m 06s 17
248 Milly Briggs 3m 30s 21m 08s 17m 38s 18=
246 Danielle Dligh Smith 3m 30s 21m 08s 17m 38s 18=
  Under 13 Boys
Numb Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
214 Bradley Bedford 0s 10m 29s 10m 29s 3=
295 Lewis Bartholomhew 10s 10m 32s 10m 22s 2
228 Seth Hooker 30s 11m 03s 10m 33s 7
278 Ben Dickinson 40s 11m 36s 10m 56s 8
277 Sam Shaw 1m 30s 11m 39s 10m 09s 1
241 Isaac Shepherd 1m 20s 11m 52s 10m 32s 6
252 Arron Gill 1m 30s 11m 59s 10m 29s 3=
213 Oliver Greenwood 1m 45s 12m15s 10m 30s 5
265 Tiras Waterman 1m 30s 12m 41s 11m 11s 9
279 Oliver Whitaker 3m 0s 14m 44s 11m 44s 10
223 Ewan Batley 3m 0s 15m11s 12m 11s 11
  Over 13 Girls
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
300 Sophie Spencer 0s 14m 22s 14m 22s 2
284 Lucy Farquhar 1m 15s 15m 17s 14m 02s 1
272 Francessca Redfearn 3m 30s 19m 03s 15m 33s 3
  Over 13 Boys
Numb Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
285 Lewis Byram 0s 15m 25s 15m 25s 3
286 Aaron Arthur 30s 15m 51s 15m 21s 2
230 Arron Kettlewell 40s 16m 06s 15m 26s 4=
298 Robert Hinchliffe 1m 00s 16m 08s 15m 08s 1
299 Eddie Hichcliffe 1m 00s 16m 29s 15m 29s 6
215 George Green 3m 30s 18m 56s 15m 26s 4=
261 Daniel Ellis 5m 30s 22m 34s 17m 04s 7






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