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Gynn Lane 2010



  Under 11 Girls
No Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
232 Fiona Archer 3m 00s 11m 51s 8m 51s
25 Ciara Ellis 1m 20s 10m 17s 8m 57s
261 Holly Bailey-Taylor 2m 25s 11m 22s 8m 57s
65 Ella Huddleston 3m 00s 11m 59s 8m 59s
58 Genevieve Durrans 1m 05s 10m 04s 8m 59s
200 Abby Bakewell 2m 00s 10m 59s 8m 59s
251 Emily Tinsley 1m 40s 10m 39s 8m 59s
289 Imogen Cargill 2m 35s 11m 35s 9m 00s
156 Eleanor Hoyle 55s 9m 56s 9m 01s
295 Charlotte Eastwood 1m 15s 10m 19s 9m 04s
297 Harriot Wise 2m 30s 11m 34s 9m 04s
296 Emmy Bailey-Taylor 2m 45s 11m 51s 9m 06s
239 Connie Garrard 2m 15s 11m 27s 9m 12s
131 Libby Shepherd 35s 9m 50s 9m 15s
45 Katie Nobles 50s 10m 05s 9m 15s
243 Emily Brown 2m 30s 11m 48s 9m 18s
288 Lauren Cargill 2m 15s 11m 43s 9m 18s
293 Emily Gabbitas 2m 00s 11m 26s 9m 26s
236 Ellie Rose 1m 10s 11m 45s 10m 35s
32 Amy Kettlewell 0s DNS
  Under 11 Boys
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
63 Jimmy Burke 1m 00s 8m 55s 7m 55s
95 Philip Rawnsley 2m 00s 10m 00s 8m 00s
245 Zak Nettleton 1m 30s 9m 33s 8m 03s
248 Sam Benningfield 1m 15s 9m 19s 8m 04s
53 Callum Durrans 1m 20s 9m 25s 8m 05s
234 Jack Scholes 1m 10s 9m 17s 8m 07s
253 Daniel Howatson 1m 30s 9m 39s 8m 09s
246 Joel Page 1m 40s 9m 58s 8m 18s
38 Nicky Farquhar 10s 8m 30s 8m 20s
299 Ben Wright 1m 05s 9m 27s 8m 22s
231 Arron Gill 0s 8m 26s 8m 26s
247 Jacob Krner 1m 30s 10m 02s 8m 32s
85 George Hobbs 2m 10m 33s 8m 33s
249 Finn Kerry 0m 25s 9m 03s 8m 38s
298 Ollie Rees 1m 45s 10m 23s 8m 38s
43 James Hughes 1m 00s 9m 42s 8m 42s
59 Harry Hobbs 2m 00s 10m 56s 8m 56s
237 Mathy Hunter 1m 20s 10m 20s 9m 00s
238 Taylor Brown 1m 40s 10m 58s 9m 18s
39 Joe Cannon 1m 05s 10m 27s 9m 22s
252 Oliver Cash 1m 35s 10m 58s 9m 23s
159 Thomas England 1m 45s 11m 09s 9m 24s
242 Finley Nettleton 1m 10s 10m 39s 9m 29s
243 Jason Kilner 1m 45s 11m 18s 9m 33s
244 Sam Farnworth 1m 25s 11m 20s 9m 55s
287 Jack Wadsworth 3m 00s 13m 12s 10m 12s
  Under 13 Girls
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
35 Megan Lamb 40s 12m 06s 11m 26s
33 Olivia Sykes 0s 11m 36s 11m 36s
15 Louise Adams 2m 0s 14m 05s 12m 05s
31 Lucy Hughes 2m 35s 14m 59s 12m 24s
239 Riona Lang 2m 50s 15m 31s 12m 41s
34 Hermione Bagnall 2m 30s 15m 11s 12m 41s
37 Daisy Mae Smith 1m 15s 14m 0s 12m 45s
292 Isabella Wood 2m 35s 15m 27s 12m 52s
83 Isabella Roberts 2m 20s 15m 42s 13m 22s
240 Phoebe Garrard 3m 20s 16m 59s 13m 39s
290 Lucy Taylor 2m 30s 16m 37s 14m 07s
291 Hannah Walker 3m 15s 17m 15s 15m 00s
279 Charlotte Dewar 3m 45s 19m 16s 15m 31s
280 Molly Heath 4m 20s 20m 42s 16m 22s
  Under 13 Boys
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
55 Ben Dickinson 1m 30s 11m 10s 9m 40s
282 Shea Kerry 3m 10s 12m 54s 9m 44s
157 Henry Cash 2m 15s 12m 03s 9m 48s
199 Lewis Byram 0s 9m 50s 9m 50s
93 Aaron Kettlewell 55s 10m 46s 9m 51s
33 Isaac Shepherd 2m 30s 12m 30s 10m 00s
255 Sam Hough 2m 25s 12m 44s 10m 19s
197 Henry Salvini 3m 30s 13m 57s 10m 27s
241 Luke Page 3m 30s 14m 48s 11m 18s
271 Lewsis Hamilton 3m 45s 15m 10s 11m 25s
56 Oliver Whittaker 3m 45s 15m 16s 11m 31s
286 George Orton 2m 15s 14m 22s 12m 07s
  Over 13 Girls
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
198 Sophie Spencer 1m 30s 14m 39s 13m 09s
13 Alex France 5m 30s 19m 34s 14m 04s
23 Ruby Sykes 0s 14m 27s 14m 27s
285 Sarah Day 4m 30s 19m 01s 14m 31s
294 Jessica Gabbitas 4m 0s 18m 38s 14m 38s
273 Heidi Cartwright 5m 30s 20m 31 15m 01s
278 Francessca Dodson 6m 0s 21m 34s 15m 34s
242 Lucy Brown 2m 20s DNF
  Over 13 Boys
Name Handicap Race Time Handicap Time
158 William England 30s 17m 36s 17m 06s
153 Arron Arthur os 17m 12s 17m 12s
235 Michael Booth 2m 0s 19m 25s 17m 25s
36 Robert Hinchliffe 30s 18m 13s 17m 43s
55 Jack Greenwood 6m 30s 25m 41s 19m 11s








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