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Gynn Lane 2009


The Gynn Lane Junior Handicap Road Races took place on Tuesday 9th of June 2009, over 70 of the clubs young athletes took part in these races. As a result there were a number of exciting finishes with some very good performaces from a number of athletes. In four of the races the first across the line did not win after handicaps due to improved poerformances from other runners, although good runs by Lewis Byram and Max kaye did mean they won the race as well as recording the fastest time, in Max Kaye's case he only pipped Michael Booth by one second. In the youngest age group although Olivia Syskes had a great run a number of the younger athletes put in strong runs with a great run by Amy Kettlewell allowing her to take first place. In the boys event George Orton finished strongly to cross the line first but one of the youngest runners Thomas Addy prevailed after the handicap was taken into account. Ruby Sykes recorded a family double in recording the fastest time in the over 13 girls but Alannah Booth continued her improved form this season to stay close enough to take the handicap honours, with two of girls who were not lookinmg forward to the race, Grace Mullinger and Jenna Lee Moffatt taking 2nd and 3rd. In the under 13 girls Isabel Dewar-Fowler used her strength and experience to keep going to the end in taking the handicap honours just beating the fastest girl Lucy farguhar by 4 seconds. A big thanks to all marshalls and time-keepers. results subject to verification.


John Mc


Gynn Lane Races 2008 H.Cap
Under 11 Girls Number Race Time H.Cap H.Cap Time Postion
Olivia Sykes 258 8m 50s 0s 8m 50s 10
Lucy Byram 268 9m 09s 35s 8m 34s 6
Erica Byram 269 9m 18s 45s 8m 33s 5
Louise Adams 257 10m 06s 1m 40s 8m 26s 2
Danielle Brown 289 10m 20s 1m 30s 8m 50s 10
Ciara Ellis 270 10m 25s 1m 9m 25s 16
Amy Kettlewell 288 10m 33s 2m 15s 8m 18s 1
Ellie Chawner 261 10m 37s 2m 00s 8m 37s 7
Imogen Clowes 280 10m 42s 1m 00s 9m 42s 20
Alice Scholes 264 10m 43s 1m 10s 9m 33s 19
Daisy Mae Smith 276 10m 48s 2m 10s 8m 58s 14
Grace Ambler 272 10m 54s 2m 15s 8m 39s 8
Caitlin Smith 10m 58s 1m 30s 9m 28s 18
Jade Broughton 273 10m 59s 2m 30s 8m 29s 4
Rebbecca Vickerman 267 11m 19s 2m 40s 8m 39s 8
Lucy Taylor 249 11m 28s 3m 00s 8m 28s 3
Harriet Wise 278 11m 37s 2m 45s 8m 52s 12
Olivia Battye 260 11m 38s 2m 45s 8m 53s 13
Katie Doyle 263 12m 03s 2m 45s 9m 18s 15
Fiona Archer 287 12m 27s 3m 00s 9m 27s 17
Lizzy Casson 277 13m 02s 2m 45s 10m 17s 21
Katie Smith 13m 32s 3m 00s 10m 32s 22
Evie Townend 254 13m 49s 3m 00s 10m 49s 23
Nevea Luckson 282 14m 09s 3m 00s 11m 09s 24
Anna Townend 252 14m 11s 3m 30s 11m 11s 25
Mollie Harrison 290 14m 22s 3m 00s 11m 22s 26


Boys Under 11 Number Race Time H.Cap H.Cap Time Postion
George Orton 257 8m 51s 0s 8m 51s 9th
Ben Dickinson 268 8m 56s 10s 8m 46s 6th
Andrew Farquhar 274 9m 02s 0s 9m 02s 10th
Alex Vickerman 261 9m 10s 50s 8m 20s 2nd
Finn Kerry 256 9m 34s 1m 10s 8m 24s 3rd
Thomas Radley 278 9m 42s 55s 8m 47s 7th
James Addy 269 9m 47s 25s 9m 22s 11th
Brandon Hardy 279 9m 48s 1m 00s 8m 48s 8th
Thomas Addy 270 9m 59s 1m 45s 8m 14s 1st
Jack Scholes 259 10m 23s 1m 50s 8m 33s 5th
Kieran Cucksey 262 10m 25s 2m 00s 8m 25s 4th
Shea Kerry 255 11m 38s 2m 00s 9m 38s 12th
Nicky Farquhar 272 12m 00s 45s 11m 15s 13th
Under 13 Girls Number Race Time H.Cap H.Cap Time Postion
Lucy Farquhar 284 11m 22s 0s 11m 22s 2nd
Isabelle Dewar Fowler 262 11m 48s 30s 11m 18s 1st
Amira Mellor 279 11m 58s 20s 11m 38s 3rd
Sophie Williams 266 14m 15s 1m 55s 12m 20s 4th
Isable Scholes 265 15m 01s 2m 00s 13m 01s 5th
Tara Broughton 274 15m 20s 2m 00s 13m 20s 6th
Katie Battye 275 17m 48s 3m 00s 14m 48s 7th
Under 13 Boys Number Race Time H.Cap H.Cap Time Postion
Lewis Byram 263 10m 30s 0s 10m 30s 1st
Aaron Kettlewell 275 11m 08s 0s 11m 08s 6th
William England 252 11m 13s 30s 10m 43s 4th
Arron Arthur 260 11m 27s 45s 10m 42s 3rd
Michael Adams 254 11m 55s 1m 10s 10m 45s 5th
Jordan Hardy 277 12m 30s 1m 15s 11m 15s 7th =
Sam Ambler 265 12m 37s 2m 00s 10m 37s 2nd
Eddie Hinchliffe 266 14m 15s 3m 00s 11m 15s 7th=
Jack Sykes 258 14m 18s 1m 50s 12m 28s 9th
Sam Townend 251 14m 18s 1m 00s 13m 18s 10th
Lewis Merrick 281 16m 13s 2m 20s 13m 53s 11th
McKenzie Williams 280 16m 44s 2m 10s 14m 34s 12th
Josh Joynson 271 2m 20s DNF
Over 13 Girls Number Race Time H.Cap H.Cap Time Postion
Ruby Sykes 259 12m 09s 0s 12m 09s 4th
Alannah Booth 286 12m 17s 30s 11m 47s 1st
Georgia Booth 285 13m 07s 40s 12m 27s 5th
Jenna Lee Moffatt 293 15m 37s 3m 30s 12m 07s 3rd
Grace Mullinger 291 15m 39s 3m 45s 11m 54s 2nd
Anna Whitwam 281 16m 17s 3m 30s 12m 47s 6th
Emma Taylor 251 2m 30s DNF
Over 13 Boys Number Race Time H.Cap H.Cap Time Postion
Max Kaye 271 14m 31s 0s 14m 31s 1st
Robert Hinchcliffe 267 19m 48s 5m 00s 14m 48s 3rd
Michael Booth 276 20m 02s 5m 30s 14m 32s 2nd
Daniel Ellis 264 26m 37s 8m 00s 18m 37s 4th






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