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Ian Roberts Fell Race, Sunday 13 March 2011


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Venue booked? Check! Course flagged? Check! Time keepers, marshals, car parking, waterproof numbers, safety pins, catering & prizes? Check! Just the small matter of the weather to arrange & then we can start. Everything seemed in place for this year’s Ian Roberts Memorial race, doubling up as the second counter in the Holmfirth Harriers Fell Championship. As if on cue, the drizzle eased off & the 106 runners were treated to some spring sunshine on the start line above Marsden Cricket Club.

Although only slightly over 6 miles long, the course itself was still very wet underfoot and with the route remaining the same as last year, there were still plenty of bogs & tussocks to sap the energy. Not that these seemed to have much effect on the top 2 runners who ran together the whole race, with the lead changing hands several times. At the finish, it was last year’s winner Sean Carey from Todmorden who just managed to hold off Jack Ross from Mow Cop & win by 3 seconds in a time of 49.02.

With Tom Brunt nursing a sore knee after his excellent showing at Long Mynd & Bill Stewart away on holiday, there was a chance for other Holmfirth runners to claim maximum points. First back for Holmfirth, finishing 11th overall and 1st lady was Katie Walshaw, fresh from representing Yorkshire at the UK Cross Country Challenge. Katie finished in 54.11, an improvement of over a minute on last year’s record winning time. Close behind, having also represented Yorkshire, was Ladies Captain Helen Berry who finished 14th overall, 2nd lady, in a time of 54.53. The race to be first Holmfirth man back was very close & after battling it out over the course, it was Marsden’s own Wayne Byram finishing in 55.53, 15th overall, who used his local knowledge & just managed to stay ahead of James Durrans, who finished 16th in 56.14.

With 29 Harriers starting the race, there was always a good chance that some of the other age category prizes would come our way & so it proved. Next back for Holmfirth was Jeremy Patterson, who finished 25th overall, 2nd MV50, in 58.04. Paula Gould shook off her cold & finished 44th overall, 5th lady in 64.24 & helped Katie & Helen to claim the ladies team prize for Holmfirth. Elsewhere, Christine Couch had a great run to finish in 72.18, 2nd FV50; Bill Hunter was 3rd MV60, followed closely by Rod Futrell, one of the original founders of the race, who was 4th MV60. Owing to an administrative error on the day (due to my inability to read the results board with contact lenses in) the men’s team prize was erroneously awarded to Pennine FR (Penistone FPR looks very similar when you haven’t really slept for 2 nights!) My apologies to Rossendale, who should have gone home with the case of John Smiths – I’m sure the lads at Pennine will raise a glass in thanks!
All 106 starters returned, mostly in one piece, although some had taken a closer look at the bogs than others! The food afterwards was superb & there was more than enough to go round. Everyone who had helped in any way was roundly thanked & we also showed our appreciation to Marsden Cricket Club for allowing us to use their clubhouse once again. Thanks also to the National Trust, Natural England & Yorkshire Water for allowing us to trog over the beautiful Marsden Moor. More of the same please next year!


 Results: 1st Sean Carey (Todmorden), 49.02; 11th Katie Walshaw, 54.11; 14th Helen Berry, 54.53; 15th Wayne Byram, 55.53; 16th James Durrans, 56.14; 25th Jeremy Patterson, 58.04; 30th Chris Beadle, 59.11; 31st Gavin Baxter, 59.36; 32nd Phil Hobbs, 61.38; 35th Andy Smith, 62.01; 40th Will Valovin, 62.28; 44th Paula Gould, 64.24; 49th Dave Knight, 66.05; 51st Lucy Griffiths, 67.06; 53rd Andrei Vais, 67.07; 65th Debbie Hall, 70.13; 66th Chris Whitelegg, 70.16; 70th Christine Couch, 72.18; 73rd Rob Halstead, 72.49; 74th Bill Hunter, 73.01; 80th Tony Shepherd, 74.04; 83rd Katie Knight, 74.44; 84th Rod Futrell, 76.05; 87th Helen Ash, 76.29; 89th Kiersti Dickinson, 76.34; 91st Malcolm Sizer, 77.19; 97th Sophie Barraclough, 80.36; 100th Rebecca Halstead, 84.06; 103rd Alison Whitelegg, 88.27 & 105th Helen Pettit, 98.40 (106 finishers).
Phil Hobbs


Position Name Club Category Time
1 Sean Carey Todmorden M 49.02
2 Jack Ross Mow Cop Runners M 49.05
3 Darren Holloway Pennine MV40 49.56
4 Kieran Hodgson U/A M 50.31
5 Dan Stewart Spenborough MV40 52.08
6 Muir Morton Pennine M 52.09
7 Steve Turland Ilkley MV40 52.21
8 Geoff Gough Clayton-le-Moors MV50 52.32
9 Steve Clawson Rossendale MV40 52.45
10 Dougie Robinson U/A MV40 54.09
11 Katie Walshaw Holmfirth F 54.11
12 Scott Hitchin Rossendale M 54.29
13 Gavin Williams DPFR MV40 54.35
14 Helen Berry Holmfirth F 54.53
15 Wayne Byram Holmfirth MV40 55.53
16 James Durrans Holmfirth MV40 56.14
17 Stephen Booth U/A MV40 56.30
18 Matt Dillingham Meltham M 56.41
19 Scott Sadler Middleton M 56.48
20 Andrew Doig Peak Bog Men MV40 56.55
21 Ian Fraser U/A MV40 57.34
22 Mick Quinn Barnsley MV40 57.41
23 Shaun Walker Penistone  MV40 57.50
24 Richard Mackie Penistone  M 58.02
25 Jeremy Patterson Holmfirth MV50 58.04
26 Alan Duncan Bowland MV50 58.18
27 Sally Newman CVFR FV50 58.18
28 Andrew Moore DPFR MV50 58.29
29 Keith Holmes DPFR MV50 59.11
30 Chris Beadle Holmfirth MV40 59.11
31 Gavin Baxter Holmfirth MV40 59.36
32 Phil Hobbs Holmfirth MV40 61.38
33 Michael Toman Rossendale MV40 61.46
34 Ray McArthur Meltham MV50 61.47
35 Andy Smith Holmfirth MV40 62.01
36 Simon Bolton Cheshire Hill Racers MV40 62.06
37 Keelan Serjeant U/A M 62.20
38 Michael Ireland Rossendale MV40 62.24
39 Emma Gregory Bowland F 62.24
40 Will Valovin Holmfirth M 62.28
41 Adie Combs Brushes Valley MV40 62.56
42 Yiannis Tridimas Bowland MV60 63.16
43 David Bevan Saddleworth MV40 64.03
44 Paula Gould Holmfirth F 64.24
45 Jon Howard Wakefield Tri Club MV40 64.26
46 Adam Stuart Kirklees Triathlon M 64.38
47 Andrew Dovernor Wakefield Tri Club MV40 64.54
48 Alasdair MacDonald uknetrunner MV40 65.10
49 David Knight Holmfirth MV40 66.05
50 Jim Paxman DPFR MV50 66.43
51 Lucy Griffiths Holmfirth F 67.06
52 John Foulds Astley & Tyldesley RR MV50 67.07
53 Andrei Vais Holmfirth M 67.07
54 Lee Bridgewater U/A M 67.08
55 Robert O'Hara U/A M 67.15
56 Shona Stone Aire Valley Runners F 67.22
57 Peter Stanley Penistone  MV50 67.41
58 Steve Stead U/A M 67.46
59 Paul Rowland U/A MV50 68.16
60 Eoin Connaughton DPFR MV40 68.17
61 Steve Frith Penistone  MV50 68.19
62 Graham Barnes U/A MV50 68.22
63 John Nunn CVFR MV50 69.02
64 Andy Hargreaves Meltham MV50 69.37
65 Debbie Hall Holmfirth F 70.13
66 Chris Whitelegg Holmfirth MV50 70.16
67 Glenn Hinch U/A M 70.35
68 Paul Patrick Stainland Lions MV40 70.50
69 Philip Derych Stadium Runners M 71.23
70 Christine Couch Holmfirth FV50 72.18
71 Malcolm Coles Valley Striders MV70 72.20
72 George Large Northern Vets MV60 72.43
73 Robert Halstead Holmfirth MV50 72.49
74 Bill Hunter Holmfirth MV60 73.01
75 Tracy Ireland Rossendale FV40 73.04
76 Gilly Markham Meltham FV50 73.16
77 Andrew Combs FRA MV40 73.17
78 Richard Branford Wakefield Tri Club M 73.49
79 Chris Urwin U/A MV40 74.04
80 Tony Shepherd Holmfirth MV40 74.04
81 Malcolm Stubbs Pennine MV50 74.35
82 Joan Combs FRA FV40 74.36
83 Katie Knight Holmfirth FV40 74.44
84 Rod Futrell Holmfirth MV60 76.05
85 Trevor Murgatroyd CVFR MV40 76.07
86 Ian Manners  Manchester YMCA MV40 76.21
87 Helen Ash Holmfirth FV40 76.29
88 Raymond Migocz U/A MV60 76.31
89 Kiersti Dickinson Holmfirth FV40 76.34
90 Bob Grant U/A MV60 77.00
91 Malcolm Sizer Holmfirth MV60 77.19
92 Dean Featham U/A MV40 78.29
93 Fiona McArthur Meltham FV50 78.36
94 Martin Sturdy Meltham MV50 79.29
95 John Parry U/A MV40 79.40
96 Barbara Haigh Penistone  FV60 80.09
97 Sophie Barraclough Holmfirth FV40 80.36
98 Steve Garner CVFR MV50 81.15
99 Graham Davy CVFR MV50 82.03
100 Rebecca Halstead Holmfirth F 84.06
101 Steven Moss Spenborough MV60 84.46
102 Rebecca Branford Wakefield Tri Club F 87.24
103 Alison Whitelegg Holmfirth FV50 88.27
104 Phil Lucas U/A MV40 88.36
105 Helen Pettit Holmfirth FV40 88.40
106 Karen Featham U/A FV40 105.04
107 Tim Cock Holmfirth MV60 DNS










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