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Bunny runs 2011

Bunny Run 1 2011 (the windy One)

The Holmfirth LadsHats off to the 26 athletes from Holmfirth who completed the 1st Bunny Run of 2011 on Tuesday last (April 5th) at Penistone Hill Country Park Howarth. Aptly dubbed “the windy One” by race organiser Dave Woodhead, the conditions meant that times were slower for some of us than last year (or at least gave us a good excuse!). The junior runners from the club stole the show, of the 16 runners from the club in the top 100 (of a field of 300) 12 were juniors and most of them were well under 5 feet tall! First home for Holmfirth was Lewis Byram, 1st U14 boy in 13th place. Also winning their categories were Katie Walshaw 1st lady, Kath Farquhar 1st V40, Olivia Sykes (only 12 seconds behind Kath, ouch!) 1st U14 girl. Seth Waterman was 2nd U14 boys and Erica Byram 2nd 14 girl. Holmfirth also won the ladies team award with Katie, Kath and Olivia to count. A great evening out for the whole family with lots of mums running and 1 dad (Wayne Byram)– nearly everyone coming away with armfuls of Easter Eggs and ready to do it all again this Tuesday. For those of you who have not had the bunny run experience- you should, 2 more races to go this year and also the Bunny Relay.

Top 8 Lasses13 Lewis Byram 17.26
27 Katie Walshaw 18.24
33 Nathan Martin 18.50
36 Seth Waterman 18.55
48 Wayne Byram 19.26
65 Kath Farquhar 20.21
69 Eddie Hinchcliffe 20.29
71 Andrew Farquhar 20.32
72 Olivia Sykes 20.33
73 Erica Byram 20.34
80 Will England 20.48
81 Lewis Bartholemew 20.49
82 Lucy Byram 20.50
84 Robert Hinchcliffe 20.56
87 Lucy Griffiths 21.07
91 Nicky Farquhar 21.16
122 Ruby Sykes 22.17
137 Tiras Waterman 22.54
144 Lucy Farquhar 23.14
150 Sophie Spencer 23.30
201 Daisy-Mae Hinchliffe 25.56
221 Thomas England 26.56
223 Sophie Williams 27.02
246 Deborah Byram 28.37
267 Karen Spencer 32.12
268 Ann Smith 32.13




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Welcome to the fell running section. If you have an aversion to tarmac and the prospect of scrambling up steep-sided hills and careering down the other side on paths mainly populated by nimble-footed sheep, come rain, shine or snow sounds like fun, then fell running is for you. Holmfirth Harriers has a long and glorious history of running on the fells. Recent individual achievements include three consecutive wins in the Old County Tops for Tom Brunt and a silver medal in the Yorkshire championships for Helen Berry. On the team front we have had a series of solid performances in the FRA relays and the Ian Hodgson. In the 2009 Calderdale Way Relay the women were 4th and the men equalled their best ever performance with a magnificent 3rd place.



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